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Mongoose is synonymous with BMX and Mountain bikes. It's obsession with lightweight materials and extreme performance, makes this one of the most sought after brands in the market.


Founded 1974
Country of Origin USA
Headquarters Madison, Wisconsin, US
Type Subsidiary
Parent Company Dorel
Core Products BMX, Mountain Bikes and Bicycle Components
Special Feature Heavy use of lightweight materials such as Magnesium
Website http://www.mongoose.com

Mongoose Bicycles History

Originally developed in 1974, Mongoose has managed to evolve from a components manufacturer to a fully fledged bicycle maker.

Currently, the company which merged with Pacific Cycle in 2001 is a subsidiary of Dorel Industries. Unlike many of its rivals, this company has managed to maintain its focus on specialized BMX and mountain bicycles.

The firm has expanded into other areas of production but these still take a secondary priority to its core product line-up. By maintaining it's expertise in the fields of BMX and mountain bikes, Mongoose can very well boast that it one of the few firms in the industry, which heavily specialize in such production techniques.

Mongoose Bicycles Special Features

Mongoose Bicycles

Mongoose has a strong advantage in the production of BMX and Mountain bikes because it has managed to heavily utilize the use of lightweight materials such as magnesium with highly reliable designs.

The use of revolutionary technology has allowed the company to experiment with a range of unorthodox designs. However, its core product line up is always well known for simplicity and durability.

The heavier focus on off-road cycling also means that the components produced by Mongoose are typically more rugged and more resistant to wear and tear.

Interesting Facts

Mongoose was one of the first companies to perfect the use of lightweight materials, especially Magnesium in the production of bicycle frames and components. In fact, one of its first products, dubbed the "Motomag" wheel, was renowned for the fact that it was produced of cast magnesium.


According to its website, Mongoose focuses most of its attention on BMX and Mountain bicycles.

Mongoose BMX Bikes

Mongoose BMX bicycles are currently sold under four different categories. The following are some samples of the 2012 lineup.

Team Kos Krusier ($750)
Dirt Logo ($220), Legion ($500)
Freestyle Subject ($250), Article ($350)
Juvenile Rokadile 20 ($280), Fireball 24($400)

Mongoose Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are sold under six different categories. The following are some of the samples of the 2012 lineup.

Gravity Nugget ($2500), Boot's Elite ($5000)
Trail Salvo Sport ($900), Teocali Mega ($4000)
Hard Trail Switchback ($320), Meteore Elite 29"r ($4500)
Dirt Jump Fireball 26" ($600), Ritual ($1000)
Commuter Crossway 150 ($320), Asphalt Dubbel ($800)
Juvenile Rokadile 20 ($280), Fireball 24($400)

Did you know...?

Mongoose Bicycles

Did you know that Mongoose bicycles sponsors top BMX athletes like Steve McCann and Jack Fahey?

These award-winning BMX cyclists rely on top bicycles like the Mongoose Fraction to perform their astounding feats of skill, knowing that Mongoose bicycles are resilient enough to withstand the stresses of BMX biking.

Selected User Reviews About Mongoose Bicycles

"I think most people wrongly think that any good bike should also be the kind you can't afford. Mongoose is actually affordable, simple and extremely rugged..you can grind that bike to the ground and still keep riding.. "

Josh Willowitz

"Proud owner of my second Mongoose bike (first was stolen) and I must say that I have never actually been able to ride one that can provide such an awesome value for money. My personal favorite is the Meteore Elite; busted my savings on it but it was worth it!..."

Mark Ruckford

"Not so sure about the Mountain Bikes, but when it comes to BMX, Mongoose Rulz! Pure and simple"

Aaron "Mongoose Mad" Fisher


Overall, Mongoose bicycles features some of the best BMX and Mountain bikes on the market right now. It is also one of the few brands to feature bicycle models that can accommodate even the smallest budgets. This provides virtually every class of consumer with high quality bicycles.

Where to Buy Mongoose Bicycles?

If you are interested in buying Mongoose bicycles, you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Mongoose Bicycles
Mongoose Bicycles

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