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Facts About Specialized Bikes

Founded 1974
Country of Origin USA
Headquarters Morgan Hill, California, USA
Type Private
Core Products Bicycles
Special Feature Produced the world's first major production mountain bicycle
Website http://www.specialized.com


Specialized has bikes single-handedly revolutionized the bicycle industry on more than one occasion, which is undoubtedly a stunning accomplishment.

Now it is one of the most valuable brands in the cycling world and produces bicycles that serve the most demanding cyclists.

Specialized Bikes History

Even at its inception in 1974, Specialized has always focused on high-end products. This company, which began producing high-performance tires, quickly moved up the manufacturing chain to produce high-end touring frames and finally, fully-fledged bicycles.

By the 1990s the company had managed to expand its reach well into North America and Europe. However, it took a serious hit when it tried to launch the Full Force brand through discount stores and sports shops.

Following the Fiasco, the company managed to repair its relationship with its dealers and enhance its image with an aggressive marketing campaign.

Special Features

Specialized is all about technology and over the course of its lifetime, the company has developed multiple "game changing" manufacturing techniques. It also heavily focuses on lightweight materials and advanced bicycle designs.

No other bicycle manufacturer has such an intense focus on high-end bicycle models. Apart from bicycles, Specialized has developed a name for itself by producing a wide range of high-end bicycle parts and cycling equipment.

Did you know...?

One of its greatest accomplishments included the development of the world's first production mountain bikes in 1981 called the Stumpjumper. It also produced the world's first production carbon fiber mountain bicycle in 1989.

Specialized Bikes

Specialized currently markets its bicycles under six different categories: Mountain, Road, Transport/Fitness, Path/Gravel, Dirt/Park/Street and Kids. In addition, it also produces a wide variety of bicycle components and accessories.

The following are some samples of its core products:


Competitive Road S-Works Venge ($8800)
Triathlon Transition Expert ($3200)
Track Langster ($700)
Endurance Road S-Works Roubaix SL3 Dura-Ace ($8100)
CX/all road CruX Pro Carbon ($3200)
Recreational Road Sirrus Pro ($2000)


Cross Country S-Works Epic ($9300)
Trail S-Works Stump Jumper ($8300)
All Mountain S-Works Enduro ($7500)
Gravity Demo 8-11 ($6400)
Recreational Myka HT Expert 29er ($1250)

Multi Use

Transport/Fitness Vita Comp ($940)


Path Gravel HARDROCK ($600)
Dirt/Park/Street P.2 ($980)
Kids HOTROCK BOYS ($480)

Selected User Reviews

"I would highly recommend Specialized to all the serious cyclists out there. I am obviously referring to the guys who are going to do a lot of competitive cycling because that's what this brand is generally focused on."

Tim Lam

"I know these are amongst the most priciest bicycles on the market right now but based on my experience, Specialized bicycles are probably the only ones worth the cost. Superb in every sense."

Jonathan Francis

"I think the reason Specialized is so popular is because they've managed to set up a very sophisticated support network and not to mention the availability of awesome spare parts and stuff."

Lake Argent

Last Word About Specialized Bikes

Specialized covers a wide variety of bicycles but its obvious strength lies in the high-end road and mountain bicycles. The complete eco-system provided by Specialized is great for those who want to get involved in a single bicycle eco-system.

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