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If you’re looking for bicycle brands that can serve you well and provide you with the best equipment possible, then it would be best to consider some factors before you focus on one specific company.

Top Bicycle Brands

Just as with other consumer products, selecting a bicycle company can become a complex task. Many bicycle companies have similar models with similar bicycle parts and prices. Unless you are a professional cyclist, the main factor in this decision is neither the quality of the bicycle nor the price.

If you are buying your bicycle online there is a huge selection of bicycle brands (see below). However, if you are buying your new bicycles at the local bicycle store, your next bicycle will be one that this specific bicycle store has in stock. So you have to do the necessary research in order to find out what the stores have to offer to their customers as well as what other benefits you can get from various bicycle brands. Let me present some of the factors that you should consider, as well as some other points to remember when trying to find the best bicycle manufacturers. The first question is –

What Type of Bicycle Do You Need?

Nowadays there are many good bicycle brands: All of the following companies manufacture a wide variety of high-quality bikes:

Top Bicycle Brands - Mountain Bikes
Mountain bikes
Top Bicycle Brands - Cross Country Mountain Bikes
XC bikes
Top Bicycle Brands - Road Bikes
Road racing bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Hybrid Bikes
Hybrid bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Downhill Mountain Bike
Downhill mountain bike
Top Bicycle Brands - City Bikes
City bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Freeride bicycles
Freeride bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - BMX bicycles
BMX bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Folding bikes
Folding bikes
Top Bicycle Brands - E-Bikes
Electric powered bicycle
Top Bicycle Brands - Tandem Bikes
Tandem bikes
Top Bicycle Brands - Cruisers bicycles
Cruisers bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Custom bicycles
Custom bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Touring bicycles
Touring bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Chainless bicycles
Chainless bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Single Speed bicycles
Single Speed bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Triathlon Bicycles
Triathlon bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Kids Bikes
Children bicycles
Top Bicycle Brands - Women's bicycles
Women’s bicycles

The Bicycle Brand and Your Budget

There is always an important trade-off between quality and cost. The most important thing to remember is the quality of the products that a company produces. Some bicycle brands are more expensive than others. This does not mean that you cannot find good bikes from other brands, but of course, the bikes of well-known brands are certainly of good quality. If your budget is limited, then you can opt for discount stores.

Policies and Rules

Find out the bicycle brand's return policies. It is one important factor to consider. If you buy online, your bike might be defective when it is delivered, or it may develop some type of problem later. The return policy will help you get it replaced.


The reputation of bicycle manufacturers regarding customer service is also an important factor to consider. Do they serve their customers well? Are they able to deliver on time? Are their products affordable and easy on the budget?. Furthermore, you have to look into the customer support programs of the bicycle brand. Will they be willing to address your concerns if you ever have any? If the answer is yes, then you can certainly go with that bicycle company. It is important to select the company that has the customers' interests at heart.


Remember to select the bicycle company that can offer you the right bike and good customer service. The right bicycle company keeps your interests in mind, rather than blindly going after profits. You can buy bikes either online or at a brick-and-mortar store, but the company you select must be right. When deciding between bicycle companies, always remember:
It's important for you to leave the store satisfied
If you feel satisfaction, then you made the right decision.

Tip: "You get what you pay for"

Top Bicycle Brands

There are some companies specializing in making affordable, mass-market bicycles. These are great if you're on a budget or only see cycling as a mode of transport, but if you want to try out some downhill or cross-country biking, those bicycles won't be adequate.

The old adage "you get what you pay for" is as relevant to the bike industry as the car industry. Premium bike manufacturers make bicycles with better features and longer lifespans. Consider your needs carefully before making a choice - price isn't the only important factor!

Top Bicycle Brands

Here is an alphabetical list of some of the most popular bicycle brands in the US, and world-wide


  • Different bicycle companies have different marketing strategies. Some bicycle brands can be purchased only at specialty bike shops or through independent dealers, while others can be purchased online.
  • My favorate online bicycle stores are EBay, JensonUSA and Walmart, where you can buy bicycles online, cycling equipment and accessories, cycling clothes, or bicycle parts.

  • The list includes the top bicycle brands. However, things are changing fast. New bicycle companies are emerging, and the market share of other makers might shrink, so: please see this list as merely advisory.

Manufacturer Country Bicycles Links Comments
Airborne Cycles UK Road, XC, MTB, freeride, downhill BMX eBay titanium frames
Avanti Bikes New Zealand All eBay
BeOne Bikes Holland Road, XC, downhill eBay Professional
BionX Canada Electric bicycles eBay
Bianchi USA Wide variety of bicycles eBay Team
Breezer USA MTB, XC, town bikes, folding, electric eBay Accessories
Burley USA Town, folding, e-bikes, MTB, tandems eBay Child trailers
Cannondale USA Wide variety
Road, MTB, women's Recreation
eBay Components and accessories
Carraro Italy road, off-road, racing bikes eBay Suspension and accessories
Creme Cycles Poland Road, city, commuters eBay
Cycle Support West (Phat Cycles) USA Custom cruisers, tandem eBay
Cube Wide variety eBay
Dahon USA Folding eBay Accessories
Diamondback Wide variety Walmart
Ellsworth Bicycles USA Road, MTB eBay High end (handmade)
Electra USA Amsterdam, townie, cruiser, tandem, kids eBay
eZip Bicycles USA Electric eBay
Fit Bike Co BMX eBay
Fuji USA Wide variety eBay Police bicycles
Giant Wide variety eBay Team bicycles
GMC USA Walmart
GT Wide variety eBay Supplier to team Saturn
Haro Wide variety eBay
Huffy Bikes Wide variety Walmart
Ideal Bikes UK Off-road, leisure, kids eBay
Jamis Wide variety eBay
KHS Wide variety
Klein MTB, road eBay High end
Kona Wide variety eBay
Lenz Sport USA Full suspension eBay
Marin Wide variety eBay
Merlin Titanium bicycles eBay
Mission Cycles Folding, tandems eBay Tricycles, unicycles
accessories, trailers
Mongoose Wide variety Walmart
Team bikes
Montague MTB, folding eBay
Moots Cycles USA MTB, road, XC eBay
Mrazek eBay Frame design
Norco Canada 5 different categories eBay
Orient Bikes Greece, UK Wide variety eBay Indoor bicycles
Oyama Taiwan Folding bikes eBay
Pacific Cycles USA MTB, freeride Walmart
Raleigh USA Wide variety Walmart
Parts and accessories
Raleigh Canada Canada Wide variety eBay
Redline USA BMX, freestyle, MTB, XC, commuter Walmart
Ritte Van Vlaanderen USA Road racing bicycles eBay High-performance
Rocky Mountain USA MTB, road, urban
Salsa Cycles
Santa Cruz USA Full suspension, BMX eBay
Schwinn Wide variety Walmart
Scott USA Wide vareity eBay
Sintesi bikes Italy Road, MTB eBay
Specialized USA Wide variety eBay Accessories
Sun Bicycles USA Wide variety eBay Trailers, unicycles
Tiger Cycles UK Road, BMX, dual suspension eBay Exercise bikes
Trek Wide variety eBay
Trikes New Zealand Tricycles, recumbent, tandems eBay Hand propelled cycles
Turner Suspension bicycles eBay
Van Dessel Performance bicycles eBay Components and accessories
We The People Germany BMX eBay
Wheeler MTB, road, BMX, kids eBay

Suppliers of Bicycles and Components

Here is an alphabetical list of other suppliers of bicycles and components:

Manufacturer Country Bicycles Links Comments
Atlantic Hong Kong, China MTB, freestyle, kids eBay
Atlas Cycles India MTB, kids, urban, race eBay
3G Bikes Taiwan Chopper, cruiser, tandem eBay Components
Gameida Bicycle China MTB, folding, city, BMX eBay
Lee Cougan MTB, road eBay
Moulton China Compact portable bikes eBay
Nova Bicycle India Complete bicycles eBay Parts
Oyama Taiwan Standard and folding bicycles eBay
Planet X MTB, BMX eBay components, frames
Quintana Roo Multisport and triathlon eBay Accessories
Seven Cycles USA Wide variety eBay Titanium, titanium/carbon, or steel frames

Where to Buy Top Bicycle Brands?

If you are interested in buying top bicycle brands online, you can always buy them on each maker's website (as listed above). In addition there is always an option to buy top bicycle brands online in one of these trusted online stores:

Top Bicycle Brands
Bicycle Frame Size
Top Bicycle Brands
Top Bicycle Brands

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