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Used bicycles on eBay.com

In the past, I used to suggest buying used bicycles only if your main use was for basic transportation (such as commuting by bicycle - up to eight miles a day). If you ride longer distances, if you really want a high-quality bike, or if you will be doing pro or semi-pro mountain biking, racing, or touring, buy a new bicycle.

Nowadays my suggestion is slightly different. There are many reliable websites that will not only sell you bikes, but will tell you everything you need to know about the used bikes they sell. It is not that you cannot find good used bikes - you might be lucky. Just be aware that the history and condition of used bikes are unknown and they usually have no warranty.

If you have your used bike fixed at the bike shop (something I always recommend), ask the bike shop beforehand for the maximum cost for anything they're going to do to the bike, or ask them to call you with an estimate before they replace any parts. If the bike is in terrible shape, replacing all the parts on it could wind up costing you more than a new bike!

Did You Know?

Used Bicycles

Did you know that used bicycle might look like a bargain now, but you might just find out that the costs of repairs and maintenance make the bike a more expensive purchase than a brand-new one?

Some used bicycles come with worn brake pads, worn out tires or faulty lights, all of which need to be repaired before the bicycles can be ridden.

Make sure you calculate the full cost of repairs and maintenance before deciding if a used bicycle represents a good deal.

What To Consider Before Buying Used Bicycles

Where to Buy a Used Bike

If we were talking about buying a new bike, I would advise you to choose a bicycle at a bike shop - and buy it online. Since we are talking about buying used bicycles, with all the uncertainty about their condition combined with their lack of warranty, I would say that the best place to buy used bicycles is your local bike shop.

There is only one problem here: most bike shops don't sell used bikes. Their main business is to fix and adjust bikes to run correctly or even to sell new bicycles, cycling equipment and even cycling clothes, but not to deal with the less profitable task of selling used bicycles.

If you are going to buy bicycles online, you might get a good bargain, but from the other hand you have this uncertainty about the real condition of the bike, and there might be an additional cost of tune-up or bicycle parts replacement at the bike shop.

Safety Issues

New bikes have bicycle safety equipment such as bicycle reflectors and safety flags, but these may be missing from used bikes. If your bike doesn't have them, make sure you get them from a bike shop. If you're into bicycle night riding, you'll also need front and rear bicycle lights.

Make Your Used Bike Look Like New

Used bicycles, especially if they haven't been used for a long time, need a loving hand. Some things can be done to improve their condition.

  • Oil the bicycle chain and other moving parts - If possible use a bike lube from the bike shop.
  • Check the brakes - Used bikes also mean also used bicycle brakes. Replace them. If the brake pads are good but are rubbing against the wheel rim, adjust them.
  • Replace bad tires with new bicycle-tires and fill them up - Used tires should be replaced. Take this opportunity to choose the right tire width for your bicycle riding style. Mountain bikes are wide. They are designed for biking off-roads, but when riding on pavement they might slow you down. Replace the tires with the right tires for your cycling style. If the tires are soft, it'll be twice as hard to pedal.
  • Tune the bicycle wheels - Old bikes usually need to have their wheels trued in order for the wheels to spin straight. Ask the guy in your bicycle shop to loosen or tighten various spokes. A wheel that doe not move in a straight line might hit your bicycle brakes.

A quick note: collecting antique bicycles is a totally different story. Here is some more specific information on vintage bicycles.

Bicycle Repair and Tune-Up

Used bikes may be out of tune! - If you are buying used mountain bikes online, or used road bikes online, take them to the bike shop for an inspection and tune-up. After the tune-up, go for a test ride. Some parts may still be broken, or there might be some missing parts. Consult your bicycle repair manual - and fix it!

How to Buy or Sell Used Bicycle Online?

If you are interested in selling or buying used bicycles online, the best and most trusted online store is eBay. Take a look:


So what are you waiting for? If you dream of riding in the fresh mountain air, this might be the right time for you to buy a bike. These are straightforward guidelines, and your dream bike is not far away. Go through a few used bicycles and find your perfect match. Remember - the right bike can last you a lifetime.

Happy shopping!

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