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Bicycle Maintenance
Bicycle maintenance & repair made easy?

Do you want to be responsible for your own basic bicycle maintenance tasks, such as bicycle brake repair and bicycle chain repair? Do you want to get to know your bicycle and to be able to fix it right at your garage or at your backyard?

You don’t have to go to a bicycle repair school in order to become a professional bicycle mechanic! Achieving this will become easy if you read this bicycle repair manual and follow its guidelines. Get yourself a good bicycle repair stand and some basic bicycle repair tools and take responsibility for the basic bicycle maintenance tasks. Once you get used to doing it, you’ll find yourself preferring doing the maintenance on your own, rather than taking your bike to the shop.

Bicycle Maintenance Manuals & Equipment

Bicycle Maintenance Manual

Basic Bicycle Maintenance – Basic bicycle maintenance can be done right at your backyard or at your garage. Taking care of your bike on a daily basis is the key factor when it comes to durability, performance and safety. Read here.

Bicycle Brake Repair – Bicycle brake repair is one of the essential skills any cyclist should be familiar with because this directly influences your cycling performance and safety. Don’t get discouraged by any problem your brakes give. You could very well fix it by yourself, instead of taking it to a repair shop. Read more.

Tip: Learning some bicycle maintenance skills is a great investment.


Here are two reasons you should invest time and effort in mastering basic bicycle repair skills. First of all, it'll save you money. Bike mechanics charge huge fees for simple tasks you could easily do yourself with a bit of practice. The return on your investment will be massive.

Second of all, learning these skills will give you the knowledge you need to build your own bicycle in the future or even set you up to become a professional bicycle mechanic. It'll open up a whole new world!

Bicycle Chain Repair - Chain malfunctions are very common and they usually put you in trouble, as they might take you out of the trail, unless you're prepared and know how to repair the chain by yourself. Here is your quick-start guide to bicycle chain repair.

Bicycle Frame Repair - For many bikers, bicycle frame repair is a costly expense, but in some cases it worth it. Let's take a look at the two main frame types, and learn more about Aluminum and Carbon frame repairs. This will help you decide whether you should invest in a new frame or consider repairing your old one.

Bicycle Mechanic - Do you consider becoming a bicycle mechanic? You might be doing the right thing! Read here and learn what a bicycle mechanic employment looks like.

Bicycle Repair Guide - A Stress-free bike riding experience made possible by a bicycle repair guide; some easy tips to help you out.

Bicycle Repair School - Bicycle repair school will allow you to get a bicycle mechanic employment or just to become the master of your own bike. Don't underestimate the power of knowledge with it comes to bicycle repairs: learning is one of the most valuable things you can have in your life, take advantage of it.

Bicycle Wheel Repair - In some cases bicycle wheel repair is needed when the wheels get warped. With a few simple tools, a little time and dedication on your part you will be able to get your wheels back to a good condition.

DIY Bicycle Repair - Knowing some simple DIY bicycle repair can be pretty handy when it comes to saving some cash on bike repair expenses. Cycling can be a pretty expensive hobby, especially if you are planning on getting yourself one of those high end bikes. Whether you have a high end bike or a more common one, repairs will have to be done sooner or later, so you might as well prepare yourself for it.

Build Your Own Bicycle - To build your own bicycle might be a challenging and expensive task, but it's the greatest gift a biker could reward himself with.

Bicycle Maintenance Equipment

Bicycle Chain Lube - If you want to limit the amount of deterioration, you should regularly lubricate your chain. To ensure optimum riding conditions, you need to know what type of chain oil to use, depending on the type of riding you perform and the area you live in.

Bicycle Chain Tool - Why do you need to have a handy bicycle chain tool? Well, bike chains are subjected to some of the most grueling tasks when riding, They may break and leave you unable to continue riding.

Bicycle Repair Kit - Every cyclist will need access to a bicycle repair kit from time to time. Be sure you choose a good one that won't leave you unable to ride in need for a better tool. Always carry a portable repair kit with you while riding.

Bicycle Repair Stand - Do you want to know why you should buy your own bicycle repair stand? Here are five major reasons to make you consider buying one.

Bicycle Repair Tools - Every cyclist has his own set of bicycle repair tools. Make sure you get the best and handiest tools available for the most common problems you might face with your bike.

Modern Bicycle Maintenance And Repair

In the life cycle of your bike, it is not unexpected if you would find yourself "developing relationships" with your local bike store manager. Most likely, you will come to visit from time to time, and not just to say hello.

The reason is not the quality of your new bicycle: the opposite is true. Modern bikes are improving every year and with every model. New materials, new technology, and new structures are always emerging. For example, modern mountain bikes can take you on much tougher routes than ever before, but the load on the bike is enormous!

Moving parts are the weakest link, and are first to be fixed, or replaced: The bicycle chain has to be replaced periodically and gears have to be well maintained and serviced.

Things To Do Before You Start Your Ride

Before you start riding, make sure you check your bicycle. Adjust or repair it if needed. Read my bicycle repair guide, and be safe.

Buying Bicycle Maintenance Tools Online

If you are interested in buying bicycle maintenance tools you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Maintenance - Bicycle Repair Stand
Bicycle Maintenance - Bicycle Repair Stand
Bicycle Maintenance - Bicycle Repair Stand

Bicycle Maintenance Stands

Topeak PrepStand eUP PRO Workstand - Lift Assist, Black (New - 821.01 USD)Topeak PrepStand eUP PRO Workstand - Lift Assist, Black
(New - 821.01 USD)
FOURIERS Bike Fitting Workstand Wide Adjustable Crank Arm set 145~180mm Crankset (New - 499.9 USD)FOURIERS Bike Fitting Workstand Wide Adjustable Crank Arm set 145~180mm Crankset
(New - 499.9 USD)
Topeak PrepStand Elite Workstand - Black (New - 339.95 USD)Topeak PrepStand Elite Workstand - Black
(New - 339.95 USD)
Unisex's PCS-10.3 Workstand, Blue, One Size (New - 327.35 USD)Unisex's PCS-10.3 Workstand, Blue, One Size
(New - 327.35 USD)

broken crank arm
Even after reading this bicycle maintenance manual
this problem will be quite difficult for you to fix by yourself
(from my own experience)

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that a bicycle chain has to be replaced periodically and gears have to be well maintained and serviced. I have started to notice that my bike is not shifting as well as it used too and it is starting to knock the chain out of place sometimes too. I think it might be smart to take it into a bike shop to get it repaired and to replace the chain so that my bike can start working well soon.

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