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Bicycle Chain Tool
Bicycle Chain Tool
Bicycle Chain Tool

Find a bicycle chain tool Online

Whether you are at home fixing your bike or while on the trail, you should have a bicycle chain tool with you.

As you know, bike chains are subjected to some of the most grueling tasks when riding. The force and the pressure applied to the chains can cause them to break and leave you unable to continue riding.

Fortunately, there are several types of bicycle chain tools that you can use or even carry with you so that when an unfortunate chain failure happens, you will find yourself ready. The usage of a bicycle chain tool is quite simple. On the page about bicycle chain repair you’ll find out how to do it properly; however, there are some small differences between different tools that you should consider before buying one.

Portable Chain Tools

When you are out riding and you experience a chain failure you don’t have all day to repair things, especially if the weather is getting bad or if the trails are getting dark. You need tools that are easy to carry and that can do the job nice and easy.

Bicycle Chain Tool

Another important thing to consider while riding is that you don’t really want too many things to carry around or too heavy and big things either.

A portable chain tool will get you out of trouble: it is small and light so it can fit in every pocket. It’s also quite powerful due to the leverage it has, pushing the pins in and out. One thing to consider is that it’s one single tool, unlike the tools that require Allen keys (which will ultimately translate into more time fixing your chain). This little buddy will do the job on its own. Another advantage is that you won’t lose any parts on the trails or drop them into the dirt.

Some of these tools are covered in rubber, meaning that you’ll get a good grip on it despite how dirty your hands are: you won’t have to worry about it being slippery, I personally find this to be the greatest feature it has because whenever you are fixing your chain, if you take good care of your chain, it will be properly lubricated, so metal chain tools will slip in your fingers, being very annoying and difficult to work with.

Chain Tools For Home Use

Bicycle Chain Tool

When you are at home you aren’t in a rush for things, you don’t need to fix your bike in the middle of a track, and therefore you can get away with having a lightweight and small tool to help you with the task of repairing a chain.

Also here some heavy duty chain tools covered in rubber to give you a good grip on it and to ensure that you don’t slip your fingers while you repair your chain. Chains tend to get very greasy and muddy so this is definitely a plus.

Professional Bicycle Repair Tools

Bicycle Chain Tool

If you have a shop, you probably have lots of other tools lying around with lots of bikes as well. A mess is something you’ll have to be avoiding. A tool that has some separate parts is not something you are looking for because it can mix with other tools, and then the parts might get lost. Bicycle chain tools are no different; there are several chain tools fit for use at the shop.

Select a presented and heavy duty bicycle chain tool. It will save you lots of time when repairing a chain. A good advantage is a size – you won’t lose it easily, and size also comes with tons of leverage, so you don’t have to worry if the chains are stuck. For professional use a plier type chain tool should be considered. It is easy to work with Plier Type Chain Tool. The disadvantage of this tool is that when using it, you may remove the metal pin by mistake. You have to be extremely careful with this tool as you don’t want to insert pins inside the chain links manually.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Chain Tool

If you are interested in extending the life expectancy of your bicycle chain it is recommended to use a chain cleaner after every muddy ride or after every 15 days or so.


Bicycle Chain Tool

Multi-tools will surely save lots of space and weight on your backpack while riding. You can carry one of those and forget about lots of stand-alone tools. They are often well built so the quality of them is superb, however there are some things to consider before going ahead and getting one of these.

These handy Multi-tools are designed for quick repairs on the road or on the trails,. They are not designed for heavy and constant usage or to be put under loads of stress. They are often small so the leverage they offer is quite limited, and while they are great for many tasks they aren't as good for a given task.

Personally I'm not against multi-tools but there are some things to consider before getting one and using it on your rides.

Chain Wear Indicator

Bicycle Chain Tool

This is an essential bicycle chain tool for the shop and even for home use. It will allow you to check if the chain has been worn down to dangerous extremes and snap with ease or to a point that it isn't healthy for your sprockets and chain-rings.

These handy chain tools are quite easy to use and their cost is often in the low numbers. They fit all derailleur chains, single speed chains, and 8-9 speed chains as well. I would recommend checking the wear of your chain at least once a week or two to make sure that your chain is in good condition.

Chain Cleaner

Bicycle Chain Tool

This is a very important piece of equipment you want for your chain and for sure one of the best investments you can make. It will extend the life of your chain and save you money. It will also keep you safe while you ride - you won't snap a clean and lubricated chain as easy as you would snap a rusty muddy one.

Look for a bicycle chain cleaner that clips to the chain, so you won't have to remove it. This will save you lots of time and energy. Keep in mind to use your chain wear indicator before and after you clean your chain and check for wear.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Chain Tool

Did you know that over lubricating your bicycle chain attracts more dirt?

Every time you choose to clean and lubricate your bicycle chain, make sure that you also wipe off any excess lubricant as it is going to attract more dirt. You can sue a dry piece of cloth to clean off the excess lubricant.

It is recommended that you only apply specialized bicycle lubricant which includes Teflon among its ingredients. This enables it repel dirt and water as well for the cleanest and smoothest bicycle chain.

Buying a Bicycle Chain Tool Online

If you are interested in buying a bicycle chain tool, you can buy it in one of these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Chain Tool
Bicycle Chain Tool
Bicycle Chain Tool

Buying a Bicycle Chain Tool on eBay

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This sums up the most common bicycle chain tools types. Hopefully, with this information you'll be on the right track to get the ideal chain tool for your home, shop or while riding.

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