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The brakes are one of the most important elements of your bicycle. You want the best braking system for the style of riding you will be doing. This article is focused specifically on disc brakes. For a more comprehensive look at braking systems for bicycles you can take a look at the page about bicycle brakes.

What Are Bicycle Disc Brakes

A bicycle disc brake is a metal disc attached to the wheel hub that rotates the wheel. When the brakes are applied, calipers which are attached to the disc squeeze together, drag against the disc, and slow down the wheel, which, of course, slows down the bicycle. Disc brakes are primarily used on mountain bikes or off-road bicycles, and occasionally on hybrid bicycles and touring bicycles.


Did you know...?

Bicycle Disc Brakes

Did you know that disc brakes are increasingly favored by mountain bikers?

They are better suited to downhill cycling as there is little danger of overheating. Moreover, since disc brakes are further away from the ground than rim brakes, they pick up less mud, dust and sand which are common on mountain bike trails and cause significant wear and tear on the brakes.

  • Less hand effort is necessary to apply the brakes, reducing hand fatigue.
  • Bicycle disc brakes perform well in all weather conditions, mainly because the brake pads are closer to the braking surface and prevents mud or snow buildup.
  • Disc brakes are easier and cheaper to replace than a wheel rim or drum.
  • Discs and pads usually last a very long time, sometimes even the life of the bicycle.


  • Disc brakes are heavier than other braking systems.
  • Disc brakes are generally more expensive than other braking systems.
  • Disc brakes can cause hub-bearing wear.
  • Excessive heat build up can lead to brake failure (although this is uncommon, and a disc brake does not heat up the rim).

The Price

Disc brakes are more expensive than traditional rim brakes, so if you're on a budget, the cost will certainly be an issue when you're making a braking decision.

Mechanical or cable-actuated disc brakes will cost a little bit more than regular brakes, and hydraulic disc brakes can cost significantly more.

Also, to switch from one system to the other can be quite pricey. In most cases, you'll not only have to buy a new set of bicycle brakes, but you'll probably have to buy a new bicycle wheels as well, because disc rims usually cannot be used with rim brakes and standard hubs usually cannot be used with discs.

Disc brakes, for the braking system alone, can range anywhere from $30 to $200 This usually does not include a new wheelset or other accessories.

Maintenance and Repair

  • Make sure the rotors are true. Spin the wheel and watch for wobbles.
  • If your brakes squeal, check for loose rotor, caliper, or adapter bolts.
  • Clean rotors and pads regularly, but check with our manual because some cleaners shouldn't be used on certain disc brakes.
  • Inspect hydraulic system for leaks, check levers, and check calipers often.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Disc Brakes

Did you know that rotor size determines the stopping power?

Disc brakes are highly influenced by the rotor size on the disc braking system. A slight 20mm increase in size boosts stopping power by whopping 15 percent.

These larger discs also heat up slower and cool much faster for the most effective operation and durability.

Where to Buy Bicycle Disk Brakes?

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Last Word On Bicycle Disc Brakes

Before investing in bicycle disc brakes, take a few tests spins on different bicycles with different braking systems to determine what you're going to like, and what is going to work for your cycling needs. Try out a buddy's bicycle, or go to a professional bicycle shop to get a feel for disc brakes.

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