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Bicycle Wheel Parts
Main bicycle wheel parts

Depending on the bicycle type, there are some slight variations to the parts of each bicycle wheel. Still, moat wheels have a similar structure.

Main Bicycle Wheel Parts

  • Hub – the center of the wheel, consists of axle, bearings, and hub shell.
  • Did you know...?

    Bicycle Wheel Parts

    Did you know that tubular tires supposedly offer better puncture resistance?

    Although the advent of flat protection technology has ensured that clincher tires are very resilient to punctures and tears, many riders agree that tubular tires are less susceptible to punctures because of their higher tire pressure.

  • Hub Shell - part of the hub; attachment point for bicycle spokes.
  • Axle - attached to dropouts on the bicycle fork or the frame.
  • Rim - hoop-like structure at the edge of the wheel, in which the tire rests.
  • Spokes - attached to the bicycle rim and to the hub; helps to keep the wheel's strength.

Why bother to get to know all the bicycle wheel parts? well, like any other bicycle parts, the more you know the higher the chances are that you get what you need when you go shopping for a new bicycle! For instance, if a salesman is attempting to justify the cost of high-priced wheels by suggesting that they have bladed aluminum spokes and better bearings, will you know what it means?

Bicycle Wheel Parts
Bicycle Wheel Parts
Bicycle Wheel Parts

Things To Consider When Buying Bicycle Wheels

When you decide to go out shopping for bicycle wheels it is important to have some knowledge of the following facts.

Tip: Buy Dedicated Tubeless Wheelset

Bicycle Wheel Parts

There are dedicated rims for use with tubeless tires. These are great for those who are looking to use tubeless tires without having to go through the hassle of manually converting regular rims into the airtight tubeless tire variety.

  • Size: Different bicycle frames accommodate different sized wheels. Make sure you are aware of this and more specifically know the size for your bike.
  • Matching parts: Bicycle wheels come with different parts, and additions including gear cassettes and derailleurs among others. Each of these parts should be easy to blend for effective functionality. Make sure what you buy goes together.
  • Clincher or Tubular tires: there are two types of tires available today depending on the rims in use. Make sure that you buy the right rims according to the type of tires you are using.

You can bring your bike with you to the bike shop to buy the right parts if you do not know what you need exactly.

Why get the Right Wheels?

Getting the right bicycle wheels will guarantee a better cycling experience. The factors highlighted below explain this.

  • Ride Comfort: bicycle wheels are in contact with the ground. Their quality affects the ride quality through the absorption and transference of shocks and bumps.
  • Reliability: Bicycle wheels seem quite flimsy for their strength. Thin spokes and a light rim fail to communicate their strength which we all know is quite massive. Make sure you get rims that maintain their shape and trueness while riding in the intended terrain.
  • Ease of Moving: Make sure that your wheels are light enough for easy movement. The heavier the wheels are the harder it is to achieve the highest speed as quickly as possible.

Where to Buy Bicycle Wheel Parts?

If you are interested in buying bicycle wheel parts, such as hubs, rims, and spokes, you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Buying Bicycle Wheel Parts on eBay

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