Shimano Bicycle Components

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Shimano Bicycle Components
Shimano Bicycle Components
Shimano Bicycle Components

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Shimano bicycle components are well known for their quality. Shimano is one of the best bicycle brands in the world, and I have rounded up some of the best Shimano bicycle parts that could really improve you bicycling experience. There are several types of Shimano parts, and they can be chosen depending on your bicycle type. You can buy Shimano bicycle parts online, and since Shimano components are so popular, they can be found in virtually any bicycle store.

Did you know...?

Shimano Bicycle Components

Did you know that Shimano was the sponsor for the highly prestigious 2012 UCI Mountainbike World Cup competition?

This competition, comprising ten different races in countries such as France, Italy and Great Britain, has a great reputation as one of the world's most grueling mountain biking events. It attracts some of the world's top athletes.

Shimano Bicycle Components For Mountain Bikes

As of now, there are four major Shimano product lines for mountain bikes.

Shimano Deore

This is considered as a level one production line. In other words, it is not exactly developed for hardcore use on rough terrain. Instead, this is perfect for commuting or low-level recreational riding.

Key components

  • 9-speed gearing
  • Partial aluminum body on the rear-derailleur
  • Steel and aluminum body on the front-derailleur
  • Compact cog set

Shimano Deore LX

This line is what Shimano describes as their "enthusiast" level. If you are looking for a significant weight reduction from your Deore line, then these Shimano bicycle components are for you.

Key components

  • 9-speed gearing
  • Larger cog set
  • Crank set has two aluminum chain rings instead of one
  • The bottom bracket has a hollow chromemoly steel axle
  • Brakes have parallel-push linkage

Shimano Deore XT

This product line is described by Shimano as "hard core". Needless to say, this class of components offers excellent durability at a reasonable price. More importantly, the durability in terms of weight ratios is very good. In comparison to the LX line, the main components are less heavy, which results in more speed and better performance.

Key Components

  • 9-speed gearing
  • Full aluminum body on the rear-derailleur with a seal on one pulley and pivot, stainless steel bearings on the wheel hubs
  • Chrome finish on the cog set
  • Three alloy chain rings on the crank set

Shimano XTR

The XTR class is the elite line. It offers the best quality components, which are designed for serious competitions. Like all good things, it does not come cheap; this is the most expensive product line. These XTR Shimano bicycle components are lightweight and designed for extreme performance. With Shimano XTR line, the only components that weigh more than the XT class are the brake/shift leavers and the crank set. However, unless you are serious racer this is something you will not need.

Key Shimano Bicycle Components

  • Crank set will have a larger chain ring that gives you more speed, along with the larger rear cassette
  • The rear-derailleur will have seals on both pulleys along with a cold-forged body
  • The front hub has highly-polished bearings
  • The rear hub has stainless-steel bearings and a titanium axle

Buying Shimano Bicycle Components Online

If you are interested in buying shimano bicycle components you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Buying Shimano Bicycle Components on eBay

eBay is a great source for Shimano bicycle parts:


Each class of Shimano bicycle components for mountain bikes becomes progressively better but, at the same time, also more expensive. Therefore, try to strike a reasonable balance with quality and cost.

One mistake many people make is to upgrade their entire bicycles part-by-part. This strategy may work well for small upgrades but they can actually be counterproductive for large-scale upgrades because some parts may not work well with the frame. If you are serious about getting a full upgrade then the best option is to a buy a new bicycle from a better class.

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