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suspension seat post
suspension seat post
suspension seat post
suspension seat post

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The bicycle seat post is an important component of any bicycle. A traditional seat post could be uncomfortable and lead to back pain, which is especially a problem for long-distance riders or those who are recovering from an accident. A seat post with suspension can solve these problems. Before you install a seat post with suspension, it is important for you to have a firm grasp of the different types of seat posts available. In, general installing a suspension post is no more difficult than installing a regular seat post.

Tip: Go to the bike store with your bike

Suspension Seat Post

For the suspension seat post to work as designed, it must be below in place firmly on to the bicycle frame. Seat posts are fitted on the bicycle frame using clamps and an ill-fitting seat post will result in regular slippage.

Benefits of a Suspension Seat post

  • More comfort, especially if you already have back-pain issues
  • Better control during long-distance rides
  • A good option when riding across rough terrain
  • Highly recommended if you have a tandem bicycle

Telescoping Vs Linkage Seat posts

Telescopic seat posts

suspension seat post - Telescoping seat posts

This variant consists of a inner and outer tube. The suspension is either provided by an elastomer or coiled spring. The best thing about telescoping seat posts is that it has a low profile. On the other hand, it is also prone to excessive wear and tear.

Another problem is that since these posts feature saddle clamps that allow very little setback. The problem with this is that it can cause problems with the bicycle frame.

Thudbuster Seatpost (Linkage Posts)

suspension seat post - -Thudbuster Seatpost

The Thudbuster seat post uses a parallelogram linkage system featuring an elastomer inside. The advantage here is that it minimizes wear and tear. Moreover, this type can be installed with as much setback as required, which depends on the movement of the suspension mechanism. Both types of seat posts usually feature preload adjustment.

The preload weight is usually equal to the rider's weight so the suspension only works when you ride across tough terrain. This is important because a highly sensitive seat post will provide excessive suspension and make the ride very uncomfortable in addition to damaging the frame. Therefore, once you install the seat post, ensure that it is properly adjusted according to your weight.

Installation Tips

Did you know...?

Suspension Seat Post

Did you consider switching to a suspension bicycle?

A suspension seatpost makes for a wonderfully comfortable ride, but upgrading to a bicycle with suspension can yield significant performance benefits as well.

Keep in mind that installing a seat post that does not fit your frame properly may do irreversible damage to it. Also, seat posts can actually snap or create serious back injury if they are not properly inserted deep into the frame. Therefore, it is always best to check the manufacture's recommendation regarding the minimum insertion length.

In case you are unable to install the suspension seat post properly, it would be better to get it installed by a professional bicycle mechanic.

Can I Buy a Suspension Seatpost Online?

You can get your hands on high-quality seat posts via these great online stores:

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