Thudbuster Seatpost

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Thudbuster Seatpost
Thudbuster Seatpost
Thudbuster Seatpost

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Did you know...?

Thudbuster Seatpost

Did you know that your bicycle may not be able to accommodate a Thudbuster seat post and suspension system if it is too low?

The Long Travel Thudbuster system can only be successfully installed if there is at least 14.4 cm between your bicycle saddle rails and your bike frame. For the Short Travel version, the minimum distance is 9.8 cm.

The thudbuster seatpost has modified biking comfort by providing the world with a high-quality and revolutionary seatpost that takes the phrase "smooth ride" to a higher level. But what is this seatpost and why the entire ruckus about it?

Unlike any other suspension seat post, the thudbuster seatpost makes use of a especially engineered elastomer attached to it. This system allows the rider to feel superior comfort while riding through rough and bumpy terrains.

If you want to add a bit of suspension to your hard tail, you should evaluate this revolutionary bicycle seat post.

Long or Short Travel Seatpost?

There are basically two types of thudbuster bicycle seat posts: long travel and short travel seat posts. Take a look at each one of them.

Thudbuster Seatpost

The Cane Creek 3G Thudbuster is a long travel seatpost. Besides being very comfortable and allowing the rider to ride stronger and with less fatigue, it also gives more control and better handling. This is one of the third generation thudbuster products (thus the term 3G) and has seen significant improvement from the second generation models. For example, the third generation makes use of user-maintainable pivots, unlike the second generation's riveted pivots. Another is that the third generation uses two strong bolts to attach.

Thudbuster Seatpost

The Cane Creek 3G Thudbuster Short Travel Seatpost may not be as "cushy" as its Long Travel version, but still packs more than enough suspension to make for one sweet ride. This suspension seatpost is highly recommended for short riders and tandem stokers, as well as for comfort bike owners.

Questions and Concerns

What is the Effect on My Pedaling, Bike Handling and Control Prowess?

No. There is no negative effect on the pedaling, or on the handling. The rocking motion of the thudbuster seat post feels really natural, and you feel that you are still riding an ordinary suspension seat post, (but without the bumps)!

When the rear end of your bicycle hits a bump, an ordinary seatpost would push you up towards your handle bars. With thudbuster seatpost, the saddle is pushed back by the rider's weight as the rear wheel goes up when it hits a bump; thus, giving you a smooth ride whether you are an extreme cyclist or just cruising around.

Do They Fit Any Bike and Can I Use Them With My Saddle?

The Thudbuster seatpost comes in variety of lengths, so whether you are a tall rider who needs a lot of leg room, or a short rider who has his or her seat low, you will surely find a thudbuster seat post for you. However, if you are wondering whether you can incorporate the thudbuster suspension system into your existing seatpost, then the answer is no.

The thudbuster suspension system and seatpost is one complete package. Although, you can use the thudbuster with your favorite saddle, as they can fit perfectly well with many types of saddles like the ISM Adamo Typhoon Saddle, for instance.

Does it Work for "Heavy" Riders?

Of course they do. When you buy a thudbuster seat post, it comes with a pre-installed elastomer (a type of spring they use made from plastic) along with one more elastomer in the box. You can change the elastomers according to your weight for maximum comfort when riding.

For example, when you weigh somewhere between 230 and 250 pounds, then an extra-firm elastomer (color purple) would be best for you. For a lighter rider of 200 to 229 pounds, a Cane Creek Thudbuster Elastomer would be recommended.

How to Buy a Thudbuster Seat Post Online?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle thudbuster seatpost online you can buy it in one of these trusted online stores:

Last Words About Thudbuster Seat Posts

If you are the type of guy (or girl) who likes to explore new things, I would highly recommend trying this type of bicycle seat post. If you are not ready yet for the big expense, you can always try the thudbuster seat post from a bicycle shop. Just be aware that this type of seatpost is not common, and not easy to find.

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