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Bicycle Tire Pump
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The need to use a bicycle pumps was born just when the solid rubber bicycle tires were replaced by air filled tires. Once again you are stacked with a flat tire on one of your bicycling trips, somewhere along the way (from some reason, it is usually in the middle of "no where"). Whether you need to pump air into a new inner tube, or to fix the one with the puncture, you will need a good and reliable bicycle tire pump to help you out.

Types of Bicycle Pumps

There are many types of bicycle pumps. Each one is optimized for a specific use and for a specific budget. Some pumps are small and light so that you can carry them with you on your ride, either on a cycling backpack or in one of the bags, or attached to the bicycle frame. Some are more heavy and robust, and designed to be used at home, mainly for maintenance purposes. There are manual floor pumps, and there are some quality electric bicycle pumps that are attached to an electric outlet or to the socket of your car's lighter.

Things to Consider

Bicycle pumps have several characteristics. I would suggest you to take them into consideration when selecting the right pump for your needs:

  • The materials from which the pump is built (plastic or metal)?
  • What is the weight of the pump?
  • What is the size of the pump? Can you store it inside your bicycle saddle bag?
  • How easy it to use? How efficient is it?
  • If this is a manual pump, can you pump air while both pushing and pulling the handle?
  • Is it possible to attach the pumps to the bicycle frame?
  • Is the pump designed to be connected to your specific valves of your bicycle inner tubes? (Presta or Schrader Valves)?
  • Can you connect the electric bicycle pump to an electrical outlet, as well as to the socket of your car's lighter?
  • Does the pump have a pressure gauge?

Check Out my List of Bicycle Pumps

Bicycle Tire Pump - Bicycle Tire Pump: a closer look at that piece of kit you'll definitely need when things go wrong.

Bicycle Floor Pump - As all cyclists know, your bicycle floor pump is one of your most frequently used tools when you're cycling.

Bicycle Frame Pump - A bicycle frame pump saves you the hassle of having to wait until you get home to manage a low or flat tire. Those who regularly bike on uneven ground can easily fall victim to a sagging tire while they are out. Read more...

Electric Tire Pump - For certain cyclists, using an electric tire pump is an excellent choice, because this allows the rider to save energy and accurately pump just enough air into the tires to provide maximum performance, without risking permanent damage. Read more about buying and using electric bicycle pumps.

Where to Buy All Types of Bicycle Pumps?

If you are interested in buying bicycle pumps, such as bicycle tire pumps, bicycle floor pumps, electric pumps and alike, you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Buying Bicycle Pumps on eBay

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