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Okay, so a flat tire is rarely the end of the world, but it is also frequently preventable! (Unless you are using a "self sealed" bicycle inner tube) All you need to do is include a lightweight, inexpensive pump and tire repair kit with your gear and you can look forward to a day of uninterrupted bliss.

Don't go on long road trips without your trusty bicycle tire pump. I once made that mistake and it was a long walk home carrying my bike across my back! You don't want to do that!

Did you know...?

Bicycle Tire Pump

Did you know that very few electric pumps are designed specifically for bicycle tires?

Most of the time, if you want an electric pump, you'll have to buy a multi-purpose one that can inflate everything from rugby balls to bike tires. Before you buy an electric pump, make sure the packaging specifically states it's suitable for bicycle tires. Otherwise, it'll be a fiasco!

Background About Bicycle Tire Pumps

Bicycle tire pumps, like the Topeak Carbon Fiber Pump can be expensive, but they can also be very affordable. Don't get discouraged thinking that if it's cheap the quality should be awful, as this is not the case. Most bicycle tire pumps have a really high quality even if their brand is completely unknown. Another thing to consider is that they usually don't go through much abuse anyways.

Regardless of what bicycle pump you decide to bring on your ride, having one can make the difference between an inspiring day and a day you would rather have just spent in bed.

Full sized bicycle floor pumps, such as the Blackburn AirTower Pump, are great pumps to have at home to fill your tires before a ride. Filling your tires with the proper air pressure (indicated on the outside of the tire) will prevent pinch flats, and will make sure you get the best distance from each pedal stroke.

Tip: As you get to know your bike and your cycling preferences better and when you get a bit more experience you bicycle you can set the air pressure of your tires to fit your specific riding preferences.

Smaller bicycle tire pumps, such as the Blackburn Floor Pump is portable enough to slide into the rear pocket of your bicycling jerseys and light enough so that you forget it is there. Because there are so many different types of tire pumps, let's take a closer look at what is available:

Pump Good For.. Not Good For.. Use
Bicycle Floor Pump Fast Fills Your Back Pocket At Home
Compact Pump * Portability Fast Fills On Road and Trail
C02 Pump Faster Fills and Light Weight Price For Racing, or for the impatient!
Frame Pump ** Faster Fills Weight On the Road


* It is always good to test a pump out before bringing it on a ride. Some compact pumps require way too much pumping.

** Remember: the longer the handle, the less pumping you will have to do!

Styles of Bicycle Tire Pumps

Here are some different styles of pumps you may want to consider:

Bicycle Floor Pump

Mini Tire Pump

Bicycle CO2 Tire Pump

Fixing Flat Bicycle Inner Tubes

Here is a quick list of the things you will need to repair a flat tire on the road:

Remember, it is much better to bring these items along with every ride, rather than depend upon someone else who might not have the right tools, or worse - to end up stranded!

Here are some other tips you may want to consider when repairing your tire:

  • Pick a safe spot to repair the tire - off the road or away from the trail
  • Determine what caused the flat (glass, nail, pinch bite, etc.) and remove the item
  • Wipe out the inside of the tire to keep it free of anything that might cause another flat
  • If the damage is too great, don't waste time becoming frustrated. Just switch the inner tube out with a new one, and repair the damaged one later. Becoming frustrated will just wreck your ride! (This, however, doesn't mean that you shouldn't bring a patch repair kit and just get a lot of inner tubes; you should always carry a patch kit religiously when riding, same as the tire pump).
  • Make sure the tube and tire are seated properly in the rim of the wheel - avoid twisted bicycle inner tubes, pinched tubes, or tires that are slightly popped out from the rims.
  • When using the tire levers to remove or mount the tire, be very careful not to pinch the inner tube again in other spot. This is a very common problem.
  • Before pumping air to the tube after repairing it and riding along, I recommend pumping the air half way through your desirable pressure, then make the tire bounce on the ground. Then after that you can pump the rest of the air inside and ride away. This will put the inner tube properly in place inside the tire and the rim. By doing this you will avoid an uneven inner tube inside the tire.

Watch This Video on How to REPLACE an Inner Tube

Watch This Video on How to FIX an Inner Tube

Where to Buy a Bicycle Tire Pump?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle tire pump you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:

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