Electric Tire Pump

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Electric Tire Pump
Electric Tire Pump
Black & Decker Air Station Campbell Hausfeld Inflator

Find an electric tire pump on eBay

Using an electric tire pump is an excellent choice. It allows the rider to save energy and accurately pump just enough air into the tires.

As your electric tire pump is quite heavy & bulcky, it is mainly for your home use. Those who need a pump to be used on the trail, on long distance bicycling tours or on camping trips, an electric pump is not practical – they should consider using an ordinary, non-electrical, portable bicycle pumps instead.

Most electric bicycle tire pumps on the market are multi-purpose devices which will inflate your car or wheelbarrow tires, the kids’ paddling pool, and anything else large that needs inflation. Let’s take a look at some of their features:

Electric Tire Pump Features


Valves of your bicycle inner tubes are either Presta or Schrader.

Electric Tire Pump - Presta Valve
Presta Valve
Electric Tire Pump - Schrader Valve
Schrader Valve

Schrader are far more commonly used on motorbikes and cars, while Presta are most often found on bicycles. Your chosen pump should accommodate both, especially if you intend to use this as an all-purpose pump for more than just your bike.

Pressure Gauge

Ensure that your chosen pump includes a pressure gauge so you can maintain perfect tire pressure on your bicycle.

Cigarette Lighter Plug

A very useful features a car cigarette lighter plug, so you can take the electric tire pump on the road and use it before you set out on your cross-country route.

Electric Tire Pump – Pros & Cons


Electric tire pumps features a number of benefits.

Look for a "shut-off" feature

Electric Tire Pump

If you lack experience at pumping tires, look for electric pumps with an automatic shut-off feature.

  • They require far less physical energy.
  • These types of tire pumps can be used effectively for a number of other uses, such as pumping air to air mattresses, balls, pool toys, inflatable boats, etc.
  • A built-in air pressure gauge allows users to ensure that they do not inflate the tires beyond the recommended pressure level.
  • They are a great option for family vacations or cycling tours with many people, since one electric pump is far more effective than a relatively larger number of manual air pumps.


  • Obviously, electric tire pumps are relatively more expensive than a regular tire pumps.

    Be Carefull From Hige Pressure...

    Electric Tire Pump

    Be careful when choosing your bicycle tire pump.

    Some multi-purpose pumps will not be suitable for the lower pressure of a bike tire.

    Using the wrong kind could lead to an expensive blown out inner tube.

    Decent electric air pumps can cost around $50 while more specialized models can easily cost more than $100.

  • Another problem is mobility. Any electric pump, no matter how portable, is still going to be a lot more difficult to carry around than a standard bicycle pump. Thus, unless you only inflate your tires at home, this is not exactly something you would want to pack for short recreational rides.
  • Maintenance is also important, because unlike standard air pumps, electric air pumps must be regularly checked and used to keep them in working order.

My Recommended Electric Tire Pumps

Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator

Electric Tire Pump

Powerful and portable, the Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator is the portable solution to household and on-the-go inflation needs.

An illuminated pressure gauge gives you precise control, with an automatic shut off feature to make inflation easy.

The ASI300 draws power from any home outlet or your vehicle's lighter socket, so you can set it up where you need it.

Campbell Hausfeld RP4100 120-Volt Inflator

Electric Tire Pump

Featuring a compact, powerful design that's perfect for your home or workshop, the Campbell Hausfeld RP4100 120-Volt Inflator pumps up tires and sporting equipment quickly and easily.

This handy tool plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet and includes a sturdy handle for easy portability.

Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Compressor

Electric Tire Pump

"This is an excellent 12 Volt compressor for light to medium duty inflation jobs.

It's small and packs neatly inside the included bag". Simply plugging into your cigarette lighter power post, 12 Volt, pressure 100 PSI, Stainless steel Braided Leader Hose. Anodized Aluminum Alloy Cylinder, Automatic Reset Thermal over load protector.

Q Industries HV18 Air Compressor

Electric Tire Pump

Q Industries Small Tire Air Compressor is a multi use compressor which is designed for all ATV's, UTV's, motorcycles, bicycles, and sports equipment.

It consists of 2 different power sources via the battery or the cigarette lighter. It also includes a carry bag and air chuck. This compressor is compact, powerful, easily transportable and versatile. This one is particularly small and portable, and so worthy of special note for space - and weight-conscious cyclists.

Buying an Electric Tire Pump on eBay

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Air Compressors

Electric Tire Pump

I live in a farm. For various uses I need air pressure. This includes air painting, cleaning, and even filling balloons with air just before my kid's birthday parties.

Air compressors, such as the Makita Air Compressor are ideal if you are looking for something more solid and generic pump.

You should consider and air pump only if you have the space, budget and needs.

CO2 Tire Pumps

Electric Tire Pump

You're still going to need a bicycle tire pump in case you need a pump far from home.

CO2 bike pumps divide opinion. They are certainly easier to use than frame pumps in a puncture or low pressure situation, but can fail, leaving you stranded.

A well-regarded CO2 pump is the Innovations Ultraflate Plus CO2.

You should consider a small electric pump for the trunk of your car. A well-chosen multi-purpose unit that's not too heavy will do you for both home use and in the car.

Last Word About Buying An Electric Tire Pump

Before buying a brand new elactric bicycle pump I would strongly suggest that you will take a look at this professional website about bicycle pumps. It has various products, including also manual bicycle tire pumps, CO2 mini pumps, floor pumps and even air compressors. Take a look.

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  1. 12-10-15

    I want to know if these pumps can be also used with an electric wall outlet?

    In my search I wrote….”Electric bicycle tire pump” – but everything that came back showed ones that used vehicle cigarette lighters – or 9 volt (?). NOTHING mentioned if can be plugged in to electric socket. THAT’s why I had put *Electric* in my search. Descriptions weren’t helpful in telling me about that option.

  2. Black and Decker pump has an internal fuse that is not user replaceable (well it is but requires removing 2 plates and soldering a new one in place). Mine just blew so am looking for a different pump.

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