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Electric Tire Pump
Electric Tire Pump

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When it comes to pumping a flat tire full of air then an electric tire pump is a great option as it eliminates the need to use a lot of energy to get the job done. It is important to remember that many people use their bike to travel to work; it is impractical to spend your mornings pumping your bike’s tires full of air using a manual tire pump; it is both tiring and time-consuming. Additionally, electric pumps are highly versatile and can be used to inflate a variety of items including balls, rafts, etc.

Did you know...?

Electric Tire Pump

The battery on your portable electric tire pump can go flat even when the pump is not in use.

To make sure that a battery-powered bike pump does not fail you when you need it the most, make sure you regularly turn it on just to check the power level.

However the bulky nature of electric pumps means that they are normally suited to domestic use, mainly for basic bicycle maintenance purposes, and getting your kid’s bike ready for use. Many people also use them to get their bikes ready for their daily commute to work.

Electric tire pumps are also not suited to people who need a portable alternative to be used on the road during bicycling tours. Regular non-electric bicycle pumps are better suited to such applications.

Electric tire pumps list of benefits:

  • The pumps are highly versatile and can be used to inflate numerous items.
  • It is obvious that when using these pumps you require less energy as compared to using manual pumps.
  • They can be great for servicing the needs of a group of cyclers as opposed to using individual manual pumps.

Electric tire pumps Drawbacks:

  • They are normally bulky and hence not convenient to carry around. Even portable electric pumps are normally inconvenient to carry around due to their design and build.
  • These pumps require regular maintenance and use due to their numerous, and complex moving parts.
  • These pumps are more expensive, with prices ranging between 50 and 100 dollars. High performance ones can even go over the 100 dollar mark.

Features for the Ideal Electric Tire Pump

  • If you are looking to buy an electric pump then you must have an idea of exactly what you are looking for. Electric tire pumps normally support various applications and should, therefore, come with the necessary attachments including Shrader and Presta nozzles, as well as needle valves for balls.

  • Make sure that you select an electric pump that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter in your car. This helps you use it while on the road.

  • Other additional features to look out for including a built-in flashlight to work in the dark, a handle for convenient handling, and a built-in pressure gauge.

Electric Tire Pump Valves: Schrader or Presta (or Both)

Valves of your bicycle inner tubes are either Presta or Schrader.

Electric Tire Pump - Presta Valve
Presta Valve
Electric Tire Pump - Schrader Valve
Schrader Valve

Schrader are far more commonly used on motorbikes and cars, while Presta are most often found on bicycles. Your chosen pump should accommodate both, especially if you intend to use this as an all-purpose pump for more than just your bike.

Tip: If you are new to pumping bicycle tires make sure you buy an electric pump with an automatic shut off feature.

Electric Tire Pump

Pumping excess air into bicycle tires results in reduced tire grip on the road surface. To avoid this, make sure that you purchase an electric bicycle pump which shuts off automatically once the optimum tire pressure is reached.

World renowned bike pump manufacturers such as Black & Decker have several electric pump models with the same function.

Tips on Using Your Electric Tire Pump

  1. Using the in-built-pressure gauge to monitor tire pressure while inflating tires is recommended to ensure you do not damage the tires.
  2. To avoid battery degradation, always charge and recharge the battery on portable electric pumps on a regular basis.
  3. The electric tire pump should always be stored away from moisture to avoid damage to electric components.

Selected Electric Tire Pump Choices

Electric Bicycle Pump

Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor - This is a great portable electric bicycle pump. It comes with a power supply plug that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter on a car. The pump is rated as a 12 volt 100 PSI pump. However the engine must be running for it to work. It comes with a smart carry bag and an inbuilt pressure gauge as well.

Electric Bicycle Pump

Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator - This electric bicycle pump is among the most versatile options in the market. The pump can be used to inflate anything from bike tires, balls and even lawn mower tires. This six pound machine is designed to be small and easy to operate. The pump also comes with a needle inflator, standard tire nozzle and an extension nozzle.

Electric Bicycle Pump

Q Industries HV18 Small Tire Air Compressor - This is a powerful multipurpose air compressor designed for use on a host of small vehicles including motorcycles, bikes, ATVs and UTVs and sports equipment as well. It can be powered through the battery or cigarette lighter. Among its selling points include its power versatility and durability.

Electric Bicycle Pump

Campbell Hausfeld RP4100 120-Volt Inflator - This five and a half pound electric pump is designed for use in inflating bike tires and a host of sporting equipment. It has a built-in pressure gauge and carry handle. It is suited to domestic use as it can be plugged into the regular 120-volt outlets in homes. It comes with inflation nozzles and an inflation needle for balls.

Buying an Electric Tire Pump on eBay

Electric Tire Pump
Electric Tire Pump
Black & Decker Air Station Campbell Hausfeld Inflator

No "electric pump,Inflator,compressor" (All condition) found on eBay(US)

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Air Compressors

Electric Tire Pump

I live in a farm. For various uses I need air pressure. This includes air painting, cleaning, and even filling balloons with air just before my kid's birthday parties.

Air compressors, such as the Makita Air Compressor are ideal if you are looking for something more solid and generic pump. You should consider and air pump only if you have the space, budget and needs.

No "Compressor" (All condition) found on eBay(US)

CO2 Tire Pumps

Electric Tire Pump

You're still going to need a bicycle tire pump in case you need a pump far from home.

CO2 bike pumps divide opinion. They are certainly easier to use than frame pumps in a puncture or low pressure situation, but can fail, leaving you stranded.

A well-regarded CO2 pump is the Innovations Ultraflate Plus CO2. You should consider a small electric pump for the trunk of your car. A well-chosen multi-purpose unit that's not too heavy will do you for both home use and in the car.

No "CO2 Inflator" (All condition) found on eBay(US)

Last Word About Buying an Electric Tire Pump

Before buying a brand new electric bicycle pump I would strongly suggest that you will take a look at this professional website about bicycle pumps. It has various products, including also manual bicycle tire pumps, CO2 mini pumps, floor pumps, and even air compressors. Take a look.

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  1. 12-10-15

    I want to know if these pumps can be also used with an electric wall outlet?

    In my search I wrote….”Electric bicycle tire pump” – but everything that came back showed ones that used vehicle cigarette lighters – or 9 volt (?). NOTHING mentioned if can be plugged in to electric socket. THAT’s why I had put *Electric* in my search. Descriptions weren’t helpful in telling me about that option.

  2. Black and Decker pump has an internal fuse that is not user replaceable (well it is but requires removing 2 plates and soldering a new one in place). Mine just blew so am looking for a different pump.

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