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When my friends and I plan something big for our vacation, either calm, like our bicycling tours, or wild, like down hill biking in the rugged terrain of a local island, I always put safety first.

There are a lot of “what-ifs” that I think about. Like, what if we lose our way and get stranded in the middle of nowhere? Or what if I get lost and my friends can’t find me? Or what if it takes us longer than expected to reach our destination and we have to ride our bikes in the pitch black?

If you’re lucky enough to plan a long trip, you should make some bicycle touring preparation. This is a complex task that is both money and time-consuming. You can read more about this issue, and get some bicycle touring tips as well.

But wait: You’re not always going on a bicycle touring trip. For your weekly bicycle trip a bicycle safety checklist is enough.

Tip: Use safety checklist for regular safety checks

Bicycle Safety Equipment

The adage "It's better to be safe than sorry" has never been more relevant than in the case of cyclists.

Before you leave your house each day, always do a check to make sure that you not only have your equipment with you but that all of it is in fine working condition.

Use a checklist to make sure that you don't miss anything out.

What Bicycle Safety Equipment Do I Need?

For your and your kids' daily bicycle rides, you can never go wrong with the right bicycle safety equipment. This is why I have prepared a list of things that are very useful and important on any bike trip.

Bicycle Safety Flags


A safety flag is probably the most valuable bicycle safety equipment there is. A safety flag will make you or anyone riding a bike visible to people in the area, especially automobile drivers.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are driving and it's quite dark and you suddenly have to swerve because you didn't see a biker riding on the side of the road? Well, a bicycle safety flag will surely get the attention of the automobile driver.

Bicycle Helmets


Another item to add to the list of our bicycle safety equipment is the helmet. When a collision is imminent, a helmet is a very good defense against injuries to the skull. It is so important that you never get on a bike without your helmet - even if you are only going on a short ride.

Bicycling Gloves


Another piece of bicycle safety equipment you can use is a pair of gloves. Bicycling gloves have lots of uses. They protect your hands from the freezing winter cold or scorching summer heat.

Cycling gloves also improve your grip on the bicycle handlebars, increasing overall control of the bicycle. They can also serve as added protection for the skin on your hands in case of a biking accident.

Bicycle Reflectors


If bicycle safety lights are unavailable then it may be a good idea to place reflective materials on both the back and front of the bicycle, to make sure you are seen on your bicycle night riding.

Bicycle Lights


Light is another device that will get the attention of motorists and will surely prevent any unwanted collisions. The law states that bike riders are required to have safety lights installed on the front of their bikes when riding at night.

It is also useful to install a light on the back of the bicycle. Lights are also effective during the day, especially LED lights with a flashing mode.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Safety Equipment

Did you know that cycling is statistically safer than driving?

That's because good cyclists take safety seriously. They wear proper safety equipment, follow local laws and regulations, and stay focused and alert at all times. You should do the same. Otherwise, you might fall into the very tiny percentage of cyclists who flout safety guidelines and end up paying the price for their carelessness.

Where to Buy Bicycle Safety Equipment?

If you are interested in buying bicycle safety equipment you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Bicycle Safety Equipment Online

Important Bicycle Safety Tips to Remember

Use these bicycle safety tips for a safe, happy ride:

  • Wear the best bicycle helmet. Honestly, this cannot be stressed enough, as this is #1 on any list of bicycle safety tips.
  • Pay attention to bicycle sizing. A bike that is too big or too small for you can cause trouble. Adjust the saddle and handlebars to fit you.
  • Follow this bicycle maintenance guide. Bicycle gears, brakes and other parts should always be in tune.
  • Check bicycle tires, wheels and handlebars before you head out to make sure everything is tight and working well.
  • Wear cycling clothes that make you easily visible. Avoid black, grey, and other dark-colored clothes, and wear reflectors if you're riding in the dark.
  • Tuck your pant legs into your cycling socks or wear a strap if your bicycling shorts are baggy. Nothing is worse than getting your clothes destroyed while toppling off your bike.
  • Wear bike riding shoes that grip your bicycle pedals to avoid slipping. Grippe gloves are also great!
  • Avoid wearing headphones, or talking on your phone while cycling. These actions not only prevent you from hearing traffic but also distract your attention from the road.
  • Keep a safe distance from other cyclists and vehicles. Use bike paths or lanes where available.
  • Follow the rules of cycling! Read information about the road rules.
  • Always be aware of what's going on around you and be ready to stop at any time. Also, keep an eye on the road ahead so you can be prepared for road obstacles and slippery conditions.

    Be aware of wet leaves, storm grates, gravel or rocks, curbs, and other obstacles


There is more bicycle safety equipment out there in the market that you can use to increase your chances of a safer bike trip. Yet the most important safety equipment you can use is already in your body's arsenal. That equipment is your brain. Using your common sense in tackling situations and anticipating disasters before they happen is better than any reflective device.

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