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bicycle safety flags
Why using bicycle safety flags?

The first time that my mom and dad bought me a bicycle I thought to myself that it looked a bit awkward with two safety flags attached to either side of the rear wheel. I would eventually take both of them off and finally took my bicycle out of the garage.

Before the front wheel even touched the driveway I heard my dad shout and my mom shriek. They ordered me to attach the bicycle safety flag that I had taken off. I did not want to attach them, because they looked un-cool, but I did not have a choice since they would not allow me to ride my bicycle without them.

Why Bicycle Safety Flags Are So Importance?

The importance of having a bicycle safety flag dawned on me when I was a kid, a few days after that incident. I figured that people, most importantly motorists, can easily see cyclists at night time when bicycles are fashioned with bicycle reflectors. But when I was driving with my mom to the mall the other day around noon, I could barely see the reflectors attached to the back seat of the bicycle on the street.

I thought to myself that if I were to take my bike out on a busy day without the bicycle flags attached, I could increase the odds of getting into an accident.

Safety flags are probably the most important bicycle safety equipment that you will ever need. I know that some of you might argue that helmets are better bicycle safety equipment than bicycle flags, but let me tell you one thing: helmets are great for when you are in an accident, but safety flags are used to prevent accidents.

As the adage goes, “prevention is better than cure”. This is true with situations like these. Before you even get into an accident, prevent it.

What is a Safety Flag?

A typical bicycle safety flag is usually about ten to eighteen inches long and brightly colored. The colors are mostly red, orange, or yellow.

In my opinion, red is the best option to choose since this is a very bright hue and will easily be spotted by motorists and pedestrians. Though yellow is bright too, but it mostly works at night, and not in the daytime.

Bicycle flags are attached to flexible plastic shafts that are, at the very least, 6 feet long. The color, coupled with the waving “back – and – forth” motion of the flags will usually get the attention of motorists alerting them that a cyclist is within the vicinity.

Even if the cyclist is hidden behind a car, the flag will surely surpass the height of any car and will alert motorists around the area.

Bicycle Safety Flags on eBay

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Last Word On Bicycle Safety Flags

Safety flags are always encouraged and will always be a part of vital bicycle safety equipment to be used by cyclists all over the world. Though it may look awkward and you might think that it is only used by children, you should consider changing your outlook about flags. Bicycle safety flags are a vital part of a bicycle.

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