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If you are one of those cyclists who don’t mind going for a bike ride at night or even in a bad weather conditions, then you definitely need bicycle safety lights.

Having those lights can make all the difference between a safe ride and a highly accident-prone ride. The safety lights make you and your bicycle visible to other cyclists, motorists, or even people on foot. Not only do they make sure you are seen, but some are also used as a type of headlight for the cyclist, especially if you are riding through dark streets, forest trails, or any sort of terrain that has poor lighting.

While it is the law in some areas that all cyclists must install bicycle safety lights on their bicycles under certain conditions, others may not enforce this rule. However, every rider who is concerned about his/her safety should have them cut back the risks of an unwanted accident. Cyclists should not only depend on these lights but should also pair them up with the right type of clothing that will offer both protection as well as have reflective parts that ensure the cyclist is seen by motorists in the night. All of these safety precautions used together will simply mean a safer ride for you.

The Different Types of Bicycle Safety Lights

When shopping for bicycle safety lights, there are two basic types that you need to be aware of. These two types can be used separately or even together for better safety precautions.

Front & back light sets: The light sets are basically made up of two light elements that are placed in the front and back of the bicycle. The white light goes on the front of the bicycle to show motorists coming your way which direction you are heading. The red light is placed on the back of the bicycle to keep you visible from behind as well.

Handlebar Lights: As the name implies, is placed onto the handlebar of the bicycle to help the driver see the road or the terrain in front of them. It acts just as the headlight of a car does. If you are used to going cycling on dark streets or on terrain that is not even, then this is a great option for you so you can see what is ahead of you and keep safe while you cycle.

Selected Bicycle Safety Lights

Planet Bike Blinky Safety light

Bicycle Safety Lights
Planet Bike offers two ultra-bright LEDs to be used as a headlight and tail light. Get 220 degrees of visibility for up to one mile. Lights include mounting sets for the seat post, seat stay and handlebars so you can adjust your setup to meet your personal preferences. Lights also include a weatherproof case to protect them from any elements you may be riding in.

CatEye Bicycle Front Safety Light

Bicycle Safety Lights
The CatEye set includes two bicycle safety lights to announce a cyclist’s comings and goings. There are two flashing modes for the front light and three flashing modes for the tail light. Lights are LEDs to make them more energy efficient and provide a wider beam for increased visibility. Lights should run for up to 320 hours when run on a flashing setting or 150 hours of solid light.

Front and Rear Silicone LED Bike Light Set

Bicycle Safety Lights
This light includes 2 LEDS in a flexible silicon frame. The light can easily be mounted onto the frame to provide a constant or blinking warning light as necessary. The frame is water and dirt proof so there is no additional maintenance necessary. This light provides 35 hours of consistent light and 160 if it is kept in its blinking setting.

Knog Beetle 2-LED Bicycle Light

Bicycle Safety Lights
This light set includes two lights that can easily be attached to the handlebars. The design can handle standard, vintage or oversized handlebars with ease. Lights can be set to blink or give a constant glow to protect the rider. Installation takes seconds so there is no concern that you have to wait around managing your light system if you would like to go out for an evening ride.

Where to Buy Bicycle Safety Lights?

If you are interested in buying bicycle safety lights you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Safety Lights
Bicycle Safety Lights

Buying Bicycle Safety Lights on eBay

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Final Words on Bicycle Safety Lights

Whether you drive around in places where there are a lot of motorists that may not see you or if you like to cycle in dark areas with rough terrain, it is very important for your safety and the safety of others that your bicycle carries safety lights. With so many options to choose from, you can purchase lights that blink to warn others, lights that reflect like cat's eyes to illuminate you, or even just lights that will lead your way. As always, for a safe bike ride, be sure you have all the needed essentials with you, the first and foremost of which is protective gear and clothing.

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