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Outdoor First Aid Kits
Outdoor First Aid Kits

Selected outdoor first aid kits Online

Outdoor First Aid Kits

Outdoor first aid kits are required for all types of sports, including cycling. Cycling might not be an extreme sport, but when you are out on forest trails or on the road, there is a chance of accidents, and it is best to be prepared.

There are different types of bicycle first aid kits, but they are quite similar in terms of their contents. While you are riding on your bicycle, there are many risks that might be lurking around. There is a chance of slipping from the bike or colliding with something. Of course every cyclist must wear protective gear, but a first aid kit is a must when going cycling.

Contents of an Outdoor First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should have just as the name implies; first aid that is enough to get you safely back to your house, car, or to the nearest hospital for medical attention. It should be light to carry around and quite compact because bulky kits are not suitable for cyclists.

While you can buy these kits at a store, you can also put them together yourself if you know the basic items. If you do plan on a DIY outdoor first aid kit, all you need is a small kit or bag that will fit the following items:

First aid facts...

Using an antibiotic cream as first aid may help in cyclists to treat chafing.

It is important to prevent injuries from potential infections that can become painful or even cause nasty scars.

Always carry any antibiotic cream on a long-distance cycling and use it as a first aid.

  • Bandages - if you have scratched or cut yourself and you need to cover the wounded area

  • Antibiotic ointment - a great application for a wound or an abrasion

  • Antiseptic wipes - wounds need to be cleaned before ointment or bandage is applied

  • Scissors - these are for cutting a bandage or a clean cloth for the affected area

  • Cold pack - in case of sores or painful muscles, cold packs are a must in every outdoor first aid kit

  • Cotton - if you've cut yourself, clean cotton is necessary to wipe away blood before treating the wound

One important thing to remember is to bring along any medicine that you are taking for a certain condition or allergies. This is important in case you suddenly need it while you are out for cycling.

Did you know...?

Did you know that placing some antibiotic cream in your first aid kit can really help with any chafing caused by long-distance cycling?

When it comes to these kinds of abrasions, it is extremely important that you keep them from getting infected. Otherwise, they will not only become very painful, but may leave nasty scars. If you're on a long-distance cycling trip and develop some abrasions, it'll be handy to have antibiotic cream in your first aid kit. First aid kits aren't just for serious injuries!

Buying Outdoor First Aid Kits

You can check online sources to find many first aid kits that suit your needs. There are different kits for different needs. For example, a bicycle first aid kit will be different from a hockey first aid kit. Make sure you get the right kit for cycling.

Outdoor First Aid Kits
Outdoor First Aid Kits

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Last Word About Outdoor First Aid Kits

Before you take your bike out to go for a ride, make sure you have a first aid kit. In addition, you must also always wear a helmet while cycling and carry all the necessary safety equipment. To be safe, follow these bicycle safety tips. For more bicycle safety tips you are invited to read this book.

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