Bicycle Covers

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Bicycle Covers
Bicycle Covers

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Bicycle covers will usually come in different shapes and sizes depending on the manufacturer’s supplies and also your bicycle, though some manufacturers have developed “one size fits all” covers.

Bicycle Covers

In the past, bike covers were merely just covers. Over the years these accessories have evolved together with the evolution of the bicycle.

What once was a tool used for just covering, can now be used as a bicycle lock since some offer features, together with its instructions, a locking mechanism made up of deadlocks and double zippers.

Aside from the protection that bicycle storage covers offer – from rain, heat, moisture, snow, and all kinds of damage, they also offer protection against filthy hands that might take your bicycle away from you.

Before purchasing your very own bicycle storage cover, you must choose among the many that the bicycle market has to offer. A quick guideline or criteria, if you will, for you to select a bike cover that is both efficient and functional is:

Tip: Choose covers with more traditional designs for public places.

Bicycle Covers

If you frequently park your bicycle in public places, a brightly colored bike cover with a flashy design will attract unwanted attention from potential bike thieves.

Choose traditional covers in solid colors for public places and save the attractive, colorful ones for parking your bike at home.


  • Weight - It has to be easy to carry around.
  • Accessibility - It has to be easy to use. Attaching to the bicycle itself will prove to be very useful. From opening it to completely covering the bicycle should take the cyclist just a few minutes.
  • Maintenance - It has to be easily cleaned. To be made up of fabrics or surfaces that attract dirt will certainly be deemed as insufficient when it comes to bicycle storage rack covers.
  • Modernization - To hold a contemporary look and to not look like an ordinary bag will create good attention.
  • Price - Last on the list is the bicycle storage covers price. There are cheap available covers that will perform just as well yet will last for only a few months.

Bike Cover & Storage

Sometimes people are conscious with regards to other factors that may be included when purchasing a bicycle storage cover. Well, aside from proper protection from the elements, they may also be used with a bicycle storage rack. Some covers are made with a special design to easily hook your bicycle to a storage rack.

Bicycle Covers & Shipping

Shipping a bicycle from one place to another is usually made by using a bicycle shipping box, but it may also be made with a bicycle cover. This is great as shipping costs depending on weight and space uptake. With a bicycle cover, it is like you are transporting a bicycle by itself since the weight of the cover is negligible.


Bike covers are here to stay because of their durability and efficiency. Your performance upgrades and accessories on your bicycle will be preserved when you keep your cycling equipment inside a bicycle cover when not in use. This will, in the end, make or break your record whether it's your own best time or in a competition.

Where to Buy Bicycle Covers?

If you are interested in buying bicycle covers you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Buying Bicycle Covers on eBay

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