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Bicycle Storage Rack
Bicycle Storage Rack
Bicycle Storage Rack

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Storage racks can help you to be sure that your bicycle is stored in the right way. Storage racks are available in many designs and therefore you have to ensure that you pick the right design that suits your budget and requirement.

Some bicycle storage racks consume a lot of space and you can use that if you have a lot of space on your property where you can put your bicycles and lock it. Bigger storage racks are also designed to store just more than one bicycle and therefore you have the liberty to lock around 2-3 bicycles to the same storage rack. However, storage racks work well for those who are living in smaller apartments as well.

Storage racks are equally efficient for those who want to keep their bicycles in their cramped studio apartment or the basement suite or the limited car parking space. It is generally believed that bicycle storage racks are designed for large spaces, but these racks are also great for those who want to keep their bicycles safe in smaller spaces.

Which Bicycle Storage Rack Should You Buy?

Wall Hooks

If you don’t have enough space in your home or apartment, all you need is a hook that you can install in your wall and place your bicycle on it.

Bicycle Storage Rack

Vertical bicycle storage racks are quite popular with those who have limited space and who want to make sure that they store their bikes inside their home. These wall hooks require minimal alteration to your apartment walls and therefore you don’t have to exceed your limited budget.

With vertical bicycle storage racks the front wheel of your bicycle rests on the wall and that would mean that you will need to ensure that your bicycle tires are clean and they do not leave any unwanted marks on the wall.

A workaround for this issue is to install a piece of wood on the wall so that the front tire will rest on it. This will allow you to keep your bicycles safe and at the same time protect the interior walls from unwanted mud and dirt marks. It is also recommended that you install a rubber mat or carpet that can allow you to keep that particular area clean, especially when you have had a ride in the rain or through a muddy road.

Free Standing Storage Racks

Bicycle Storage Rack

If you have a large area where you can park your bicycle you can make use of free standing bicycle storage rack. This type of storage rack is ideal for those who don’t want to drill holes into their apartment walls and make use of the floor space that they have. These storage racks are easy to assemble as they come with ready-to-assemble parts and you can move them anywhere you want based on your preference.

If you have the floor space, the free standing rack might be the best bicycle rack for your needs.

Other Bicycle Storage Devices

Bicycle Storage Rack

Apart from these, there are many other bicycle storage rack options available that allow you to store your bikes inside your home in a convenient way. You can also think of lateral hanging hook that connects a rod from ceiling to the floor and you can place multiple bicycles on it.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Storage Rack?

If you are interested in buying a bicyclestorage rack you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Storage Rack
Bicycle Storage Rack
Bicycle Storage Rack

Buying a Bicycle Storage Rack on eBay

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Time for Conclusion

Just because you are strapped for space does not mean there isn't a solution for storing your bikes inside. Having had several bikes stolen in the apparently "safe" city in which I live, I can completely understand your desire to keep your bike inside. Furthermore, if you live by the ocean as I do, the salty air can be quite damaging on bikes kept outside. I am certain one of the bike storage solutions shown on this page will provide you with a way of storing your bikes inside while maintaining a maximum amount of free space.

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