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Bicycle Storage Shed
Bicycle Storage Shed

Find a free standing bicycle storage rack on eBay

If you have a spacious house with more rooms than you know what to do with, you’re probably not too concerned with space-saving ways to store your bikes. In that case you could easily store a multitude of shiny bicycles in the garage, in the basement, a backyard shed, etc.

But what if you live in a cramped studio apartment in a busy metropolis, or a small basement suite in the suburbs? While smaller living spaces provide challenges to the avid cyclist, there are ways to make use of these living spaces that enable you to store your bike without compromising the quality of your life.

So what are the options?

Wall Hooks Vertical Bicycle Storage Rack

Bicycle Storage Rack

Probably the easiest solution for your storage needs would involve installing a hook in your wall. This would involve minimal alteration to your apartment walls, and would result in the greatest space savings.

While the front wheel of your bike will rest in the bicycle storage hook, this would normally leave your rear wheel to rest against the wall. Even if you never ride your bike in the mud or rain, this would eventually leave an unsightly mark upon your wall – one your landlord certainly would not like!

To avoid this problem, I would recommend also installing a piece of wood or carpet, or protective matting on that part of your wall that the rear wheel rests upon.

Furthermore, I would also suggest that you place something below your hanging bike to protect your floor. After a ride in the rain or mud, dirty water is sure to collect on your floor or carpet, but a rubber mat could help you avoid this.

From what I have seen, I think that this bicycle storage rack is one of the better options, as the hanging hook is attached to a grooved track for the wheels to fit into. This would certainly save you the hassle of having to clean or repair your wall.

Free Standing Bicycle Storage Rack

Bicycle Storage Rack

If you have the floor space, the free standing rack might be the best bicycle rack for your needs.

If you are looking to avoid putting holes in the wall to hang hooks, you might want to consider a free standing racks. They are not only easy to assemble, but will also give you the option of moving the location of where you store your bikes without having to continually drill new holes for hooks.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Storage Rack?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle storage rack you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:

Buying a Bicycle Storage Rack on eBay

Time for Conclusion

Just because you are strapped for space does not mean there isn't a solution for storing your bikes inside. Having had several bikes stolen in the apparently "safe" city in which I live, I can completely understand your desire to keep your bike inside. Furthermore, if you live by the ocean as I do, the salty air can actually be quite damaging on bikes kept outside.

I am certain one of the bike storage solutions shown on this page will provide you with a way of storing your bikes inside while maintaining a maximum amount of free space.

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