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Biking in Montenegro

Biking in Montenegro was another great adventure: Hilly bicycle tracks in the open air of the beautiful country of Montenegro. Our instructor used to say that

“Montenegro is not like Switzerland: It is not a chocolate country.”

Montenegro has been referred to as the “Jewel of the Mediterranean” and with good reason.

It has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe, showcasing a highly diverse and stunning natural landscape. This country is known for its compact size, which allows tourists to conveniently experience its various appeals which include glacial lakes, mountains, rivers, beaches, and natural parks.

Because of its location and small size, along with its proximity to Adriatic destinations, biking in Montenegro has become increasingly popular among cyclists. Organized bicycle tours in Montenegro often pass by neighboring countries that will allow you to explore various landscapes and breathtaking sites of the region. Indeed, nothing beats enjoying your favorite sport amid such a dramatic landscape.

View some of the pictures taken during our trip to Montenegro:

Biking in Montenegro
May 2009

Biking in Montenegro Biking in Montenegro

Biking in Montenegro Biking in Montenegro

Biking in Montenegro

Biking in Montenegro

Biking in Montenegro
Biking in Montenegro Biking in Montenegro
Biking in Montenegro Biking in Montenegro

Recommended Biking Trails In Montenegro

Below are some of the popular trails when biking in Montenegro:


  • Distance: 33.18 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Herceg-Novi - Zelenika

  • Distance: 9.28 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate


  • Distance: 38.74 Miles
  • Difficulty: Extremely Difficult

Czarnogóra Bar - Stari - Bar

  • Distance: 16.39 Miles
  • Difficulty: Easy

Zelenika - Kotor

  • Distance: 15.27 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Did you know...?

Biking in Montenegro

Did you know that the people of Montenegro are incredibly hospitable to travelers?

It is not uncommon for cyclists to be invited into small farms and villages for a meal by the locals. Do keep an open mind when taking your cycling vacation in Montenegro and you're sure to meet lots of wonderful people.

Tips for Bicycling Tours In Montenegro

To look forward to enjoying your cycling in Montenegro adventure, here are some helpful tips:

Ride Your Own Ride

If you truly want to enjoy biking in Montenegro, plan out your tour. Unless you are a beginner, it is generally recommended that you follow your own pace and preferred route, instead of ending up chasing other people's biking tour dreams. When planning your cycling in Montenegro, consider your personal preferences, and find the right personal rhythm.

Choose The Right Season

While this is, of course, quite obvious, a lot of people tend to overlook the importance of taking into account the climate patterns of the region, which can easily spoil the bicycle tour.

Set and Stick To Your Budget

Conduct your research on cycling adventures in and around Montenegro. This will provide you with a fairly good idea of the cost of traveling. Depending on your budget, engaging in biking in Montenegro will require certain sacrifices in terms of comfort. If you are working around limited funds, be sure to set some budget rules.

Find The Right Partner

Sometimes, the best option is to go solo unless you find an ideal touring partner. Nothing can quite spoil a tour with an incompatible partner on the road. Take into account the fact that you will be riding with the person 24/7. Be sure to set expectations and choose friendships that can easily withstand the strain that comes with cycling tours.

Invest in Quality Gears And Replacements

While this may seem logical, you will be surprised as to how many cyclists decide to skimp on the essentials. Be sure to invest in a quality bike and bring along some replacement parts since it can be difficult to find time during your tour.

With the right preparation and gears, you can look forward to enjoying a great adventure biking in Montenegro.

Biking in Montenegro

Books About Montenegro

More information about Montenegro can be found in several informative books. Take a look:

Biking in Montenegro
Biking in Montenegro
Biking in Montenegro

"The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.
Bertrand Russell

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