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Adult Bicycle Training Wheels

Adult bicycle training wheels are tools to assist adults in their quest to learn or to relearn how to ride a bicycle. People have always said that once you learn how to ride a bicycle, you will never forget it. To my opinion this is not always the case. But what was once easy for us as young kids is not easy anymore, as we get older. This is especially true if we do not ride a bicycle for several years.

The good news is that by using bicycle with training wheels, the miracle can happen, and you will probably be able to ride a bicycle again!

Can We Lose Our Bicycle Riding Skills?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is – Yes: it is possible to loose the bicycling skills. This may be caused by the decrease in the ability to coordinate and react fast. Balance is also lost over the years, which may be caused by aging, or by loss of condition. An example of a condition may be Parkinson’s disease or an inner ear disease.

Bicycle Training Wheels vs. Bicycle Stabilizers

Did you know...?

Did you know that riding a bike with training wheels burns just as many calories as riding a regular bike?

It's a myth that training wheels make cycling a less effective fat-burning exercise. In fact, as training wheels add weight to the bike, you might actually end up burning more calories since you're moving a heavier machine around!

Some manufacturers of adult bicycle training wheels have created a distinction between training wheels that are made to teach how to ride a bicycle, to those that are made to assist in the stabilization of the bicycle - usually for adults who have pre-existing health factors that deter them from achieving total control and balance.

Unlike most of bicycle training wheels, bicycle stabilizers are made to be sturdy and to have larger wheels that will assist the rider with bicycle riding.

You should also keep in mind that adult or child bicycle training wheels should not be an option or an efficient replacement for an adult. They are not designed to hold the weight of an adult and they are also not designed to provide complete stabilization.

How Adult Training Wheels Are Connected?

Adult bicycle training wheels are connected to the frame of the bicycle (and usually not to its rear wheels, as with child bicycle training wheels), and extend further in comparison to a child's bicycle.

Did you know...?

Adult Bicycle Training Wheels

Did you know how adult training wheels are connected to the bike?

These wheels are connected to the bicycle’s frame however, unlike child bicycle training wheels these aren’t connected to its rear wheels. Moreover, these are further extended whereas a child bicycle’s wheels are not extended.

Where to Buy Adult Training Wheels?

Adult Bicycle Training Wheels

Bicycle training wheels for adults are quite uncommon, thus are difficult to find, especially in local bike shops. They can be found, with proper research, on different Internet sites, such as eBay.com.

Since adult bicycle training wheels are not commonly made, in most cases they are made-to-order. This means that after ordering one, you may have to wait for a quite some time before getting your very own training wheels.

Buying Adult Bicycle Training Wheels on eBay

No "Adult Training Wheels" (All condition) found on eBay(US)

Alternative to Adult Bicycle Training Wheels

There are some special bicycles, such as these three wheel bicycles that can serve as a replacement for bicycle with training wheels. They can serve as a replacement for adult bicycle training wheels, as well as for bicycles with stabilizing wheels. Take a look at this example:

Adult Bicycle Training Wheels
Adult Bicycle Training Wheels

You are invited to read more about 3 wheels bicycles
in the page about special bicycles.

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