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Bicycle trainers are designed to provide the cyclist with a realistic cycling experience indoors. These systems allow you to train or exercise at any time of the day without the need for extensive preparation that is necessary when riding outdoors.

What Are Bicycle Trainers?

Bicycle trainers are basically solid frames where you can put your bicycle on. It is basically a tool to make your outdoor bicycle usable indoors.

Indoor training stands are usually made up of three basic parts. These are:

  • The rear axle bicycle stand.
  • A roller.
  • A resistance device.

Indoor Training vs. Outside Bicycle Exercise

Training inside your home by using a bicycle indoor training stand has its advantages, as well as some disadvantages. Note that there are two alternatives to using a training stand: one is to ride on a real bicycle, and the other is to use a stationary bicycle. Let's take a look at all alternatives:

Advantages of Indoor Training

  • All weather activity - Unlike outside training, indoor training using a bicycle indoor training stand is possible even when there are hot, cold, windy or rainy days. There is no limit to when one can work out and exercise.
  • Did you know...?

    Bicycle Trainers

    Did you know that there are many ways to reduce the noise emitted by stationary bike trainers?

    For example, you can perform regular maintenance on the trainer to ensure that there are no loose parts. You can also place an anti-slip pad under the trainer to eliminate the annoying grinding sound caused by friction between the trainer and the floor.

  • Controlled environment - If you are trying to get back into bicycle riding after years of doing nothing or after a cycling injury, then this is the answer. Training indoors within a controlled environment will help your body adapt gradually to the strains of outdoor cycling.
  • Allow multitasking - Bicycle indoor training stands are also good for people who like to multitask. If you do not want to miss that soap opera that you have been watching, or that sports event for that night, or if you just need to watch over your baby and you still want to stay in shape, then using a bicycle training stand will definitely help you do all those things.
  • No major safety issues - With stationary bicycle stands, safety is usually not a concern, because you don't have to worry about cars, pedestrians or other cyclists.
  • Can ride your own bicycle - The best thing about getting bicycle training stands is that you would not need to buy a new and expensive stationary bicycle, because you can use your own mountain bikes, road racing bicycles or any other type of bicycles.

Disadvantages of Indoor Training

I know that this sounds too good to be true, but there are only a few downsides to using an indoor training stand.

  • Indoor training might get boring - It may sometimes get a little boring without the proper inspiration, since indoor cycling is usually an individual activity, and there is no real view to look at, and to enjoy.
  • A minor safety issue do exist - There is also the question of wear and tear with regards to the wheel of your bicycle: too much exaggerated motion may make you topple over, this means that bicycle indoor training stands are not a hundred percent safe.

Types of Stationary Training Stands

There are different types of stationary bicycle stands. The differences are seen in how they affect your indoor riding experience. Take a look:

Wind Trainer - Resistance is generated by a fan, which is driven by the pedals. This increases resistance with speed. Realistic riding experience but limited training options and quite loud.

Read here more information about wind trainers.

Magnetic Trainer - Resistance is generated through roller-driven magnetic flywheel. Common and affordable and but does not provide a realistic training experience.

Read here more information about magnetic trainers.

Bicycle Trainers
Rim Trainer - Unlike other ordinary trainers, where the resistance device is attached to the bicycle rear tire, in the rim bicycle trainer the resistance device is attached to the bike via the rear rim. This reduces the noise level, and vibrations, and avoids wearing the tire.

Read here more information about rim trainers.

Fluid trainer - Resistance is generated through a combination of fluid chambers with a magnetic flywheel. Very realistic and smooth riding experience, but a bit more expensive than some other trainers.

Read here more information about fluid trainers.

Bicycle Trainers
Rock and Roll Trainer - This type of trainer mimics the natural swaying motion. They give the cyclist a more natural cycling experience. It has some other advantages, as well as some disadvantages as well (for example - the price is higher...).

Read here more information about Rock-and-Roll trainers.

Bicycle Roller Trainer - Resistance is generated through the bicycle tires on the roller. Great for a realistic riding experience but requires careful balance.

Read here more information about roller trainers.

Bicycle Trainers
Virtual Reality Trainer - As with all other major bicycle training stands, your own bicycle is attached to a resistance device. The uniqueness of the virtual reality trainer is that it is a sophisticated cycling simulator: it creates the most realistic feel to the whole cycling experience.

Read here more information about virtual reality trainers.

Buying Bicycle Trainers

The market is filled with a variety of systems that come with their unique features. Cyclists who want to buy a bicycle indoor training stand need to take into account a variety of factors including the cost, purpose, type of bike to be used, noise levels, portability and resistance levels.

Bicycle Trainers on eBay

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Bicycle Trainers Online

If you are interested in buying bicycle trainers online you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Trainers
Bicycle Trainers

Accessories For Bicycle Trainers

There are several accessories that can make your indoor training more effective, enjoyable and safe. Take a look at these samples:

Bicycle Trainers
Floor Mat - This simple mat will not only protect the floor from sweat, but also help minimize the vibrations and make the tainting more quite.

Bicycle Trainers
Sweat Net - Unlike the floor mat, this mat is designed to protect the bicycle frame and handlebars from the excessive sweat while training indoors.

Bicycle Trainers
Climbing Block - This tool can help you adjust the height of the front tire when the bicycle is attached to the trainer. It can make the training more comfortable and realistic.

Bicycle Trainers
Training Tires - You might be surprised, but there are special bicycle tires for training. They are quite different than road or mountain bike tires: in most cases they are more durable and are less prone to heat build-up.

For more accessories for indoor training you are invited to visit the page about bicycle training equipment.

Last Word About Using Bicycle Trainers

As long as there is a real need to stay inside, the advantages of using bicycle trainers simply outweigh the disadvantages. Bicycle indoor training stands go a long way in improving your overall performance.

Be it rehabilitation, a beginner cyclist, trying out new bicycle parts, increasing endurance and strength, or just plain biking exercise, bicycle indoor training stands will be the answer to becoming a better person both physically and mentally.

Bicycle Trainers
Bicycle Trainers

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