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Bicycle Training Videos
Bicycle Training Videos
Bicycle Training Videos

Bicycle Training Videos Online

If you feel you’ve hit a plateau in cycling practice, some bicycle training videos should do the trick. These videos are filmed by professional biking trainers, so you can be assured of patient and detailed guidance. Moreover, when it comes to physical activities like cycling, video is the best way to learn. No matter how detailed written instructions are, there’s just no substitute for watching the skills you want to learn executed live with detailed explanation. Personally, it was bicycle training videos that really helped take my cycling skills to the next level and I am hopeful they can do the same for you.

What To Expect From Your Instructional Cycling Video

If you’ve been picking up your cycling skills directly from a cycling instructor or from cycling manuals, you may not know what to expect from an instructional cycling video.

Tip: Get an Indoor training set for an even more detailed training session

Bicycle Training Videos

If you have the resources and space, you can put together an indoor bicycle training area for more detailed training. This will help you watch the training videos as you practice the exercises demonstrated within.

You can use a set of rollers or an indoor training bike in front of your TV.

Although the video's producers may have taken some creative license here and there, the following format applies to most bike training videos.

First, there will be a video demonstration of the specific skill that is being imparted. For example, the instructor may demonstrate the proper posture for cycling downhill on rocky slopes or execute a wheelie. The demonstration may be repeated several times from different angles.

Next, the instructor will explain. Usually, this comes in the form of a voiceover as the video demonstration is played again in slow motion.

Types of Bicycle Training Videos

These instructional videos may be split into two broad categories - those produced by large bike training companies, and those produced by independent cyclists. Each of these has its relative pros and cons.

Videos from Bike Training Companies

  • The standard of production is often extremely high. You can expect clear audio and crisp, high resolution images recorded using professional-grade equipment.
  • Often, the skills taught in these professionally produced bicycle training videos will fall in the category of "conventional" cycling skills or cycling fundamentals. You will rarely find content different from that which may be found in a cycling manual or cyclist magazine.

Tacx Bicycle Training Videos

These special DVD's are used for training on Tacx virtual reality trainers, and supply real environment cycling experience.

Bicycle Training Videos
Bicycle Training Videos
Bicycle Training Videos

Videos from Independent Cyclists

  • The instructional videos are usually of comparatively lower quality. Some may be shot using camcorders in a "home video" style.
  • These videos often contain tips and tricks that cannot be found in other publications. Often, independent cyclists use these videos as a means of imparting skills that they have developed on their own. As such, the content of these videos is more likely to include some unorthodox cycling advice and methods.

Tip: Patience is your greatest asset

Bicycle Training Videos

If you're used to having a mentor coach you face-to-face, bike training videos can take some getting used to.

Don't get frustrated and give up if you can't master the skills taught in your first few attempts. Be patient and keep at it - once you get used to video instruction, you'll be picking up new skills in no time at all.

My Recommended Bicycle Training Videos

Instructional cycling videos have been more instrumental to my growth as a cyclist than anything else. Having plowed through a significant number of videos in my cycling career, I feel that the following bike training videos have been the most beneficial to me.

Spinervals Virtual Reality Series Vol 4 - Madison, WI Training Ride

Bicycle Training Videos

Spinervals Virtual Reality Series Vol 4: Madison, WI Training Ride - Most of the cycling videos I've seen are very informative, but dreadfully boring. Happily, this Spinervals production is an exception. It follows the adventures of Coach Troy and Team Gear West as they attempt the infamous Iron Distance race course. You'll be introduced to the punishing workouts that professional athletes use to improve aerobic fitness and gain insight into performing well in long-distance bike races.

CTS TrainRight - Sprinting DVD

Bicycle Training Videos

CTS Trainright Sprinting DVD - Sprinting is an essential skill for any serious cyclist, yet it is one that even accomplished cyclists struggle to master. This video is the Holy Grail of sprinting videos. Craig Griffin, a former USA Cycling Coach of the Year, dissects the art of effective sprinting and teaches you the right posture, training and techniques you need to achieve a blindingly fast sprint in this stellar bike training video.

Carmichael Cycling for Fitness DVD

Bicycle Training Videos

Carmichael Training System CTS Cycling for Fitness DVD - If you have trouble staying fit in the off season, this video is for you. You'll learn how to unlock your body's true aerobic potential and be exposed to professional workouts designed to improve lung capacity and muscular performance.

Tacx Virtual Film Bicycle Training DVD

Bicycle Training Videos

Tacx Virtual Film Bicycle Training DVD - This is a DVD that keeps on giving as I use it regularly to help keep my endurance and muscular strength up to speed. It boasts outstanding production values. For a more immersive experience, I play this bike training video on my giant television screen.

Bicycle Training Videos on eBay.com

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If you want to take your skills to the next level, get yourself some instructional DVDs. It's a tried-and-tested way to break plateaus!

"Work like you don't need the money, love like your heart has never been broken, and dance like no one is watching."
Aurora Greenway

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