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Magnetic trainers are the most common bicycle exercise stands. They allow the cyclist to exercise indoors during bad weather conditions, or on other occasions.

Magnetic trainers are considered mid-level trainers: They are not as basic as the wind trainers and not as expensive as the fluid trainers.

Magnetic trainers will give you a smooth, relatively quiet training experience with consistency. They are a great overall choice!

Some view their linear power curve as a weakness. Unlike real life when there is an exponential relation between your speed and the cycling resistance, with a magnetic trainer the resistance acts linearly with your speed.

One solution to this problem is the variable resistance: A remote lever on the handlebar which allows you to change the resistance on the fly: as you go through your workout you can make it easier or harder to pedal

What Is The Magnetic Trainer?

Like any other bicycle indoor training stand you bicycle is attached to a stand (or on top of a training roller). The rear wheel is connected to a resistance device to simulate real-world resistance. Besides the trail slop, the conducted wind has a major effect on the real world resistance (friction). While you are pedaling A Magnetic Trainer generates resistance for the cyclist via their roller-driven magnetic flywheel.

Bicycle Magnetic Trainer Pros and Cons


  • Mid price – Magnetic trainers are not as cheap as wind trainers, but are less expensive than the fluid trainers.
  • Reliability – Magnetic trainers are very reliable and requires low maintenance.
  • Low noise level – Modern magnetic trainer has a consistence – low sound.
  • Easy to setup – Magnetic trainer is simple, and are easy to setup.


  • Linear Resistance – This is #1 weakness of the magnetic trainer. Real cycling resistance in not linear.

What to Look For in a Magnetic Trainer

When buying a magnetic bicycle trainer I would recommend to look for the following features

Did you know...?

Magnetic Trainer

Did you know that magnetic trainers are great for recreational cyclists?

If you view cycling as a way to keep fit and burn calories and don't engage in bike races or cross-country biking, magnetic trainer is suitable for you. There's no point investing in an expensive fluid trainer when realism isn't what you're after anyway.

  • Multiple resistance levels - Due to it's linear resistance curve, having several resistance levels is crucial.
  • Is it foldable? - Portable bicycle indoor training stand is important if you have limited storage space (and who has too much storage space?).
  • Stability - All bicycle training stand need to be stable. So with this one.
  • Price - As price is a major factor when buying a magnetic trainer, make sure you are getting good value for your money.
  • Fits all bikes - Make sure that your trainer is versatile enough to accommodate all bicycle sizes. especially yours!
  • Warranty Look for a lifetime or for a long term warranty.

Manufactures of Magnetic Trainers

Here are some manufacturers of magnetic trainers:

Recommended Magnetic Trainers

Forza F-2 Trainer

Magnetic Trainer
This model is very comparable to the other products in its class that are on the market. The different resistance levels are good and the price is definitely affordable.

It is a fairly generic model as far as trainers go but it can work as a starter unit or as an alternative to an actual ride. Though this is a basic model it can be used daily and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer

Magnetic Trainer
This trainer requires very little set-up. It is a very sleek and stylish unit also. The magnetic resistance is far superior to that of comparable wind resistance models and it offers a smooth transition between levels.

It allows a large variety in workout routines making it a great choice for long term use. It is very well constructed and remains in place even while peddling hard. The down side is the resistance selection system. It is a bar mount design that is connected to the base by a cable. Other models on the market allow you to use your bicycles own gears to change the resistance level.

Kurt Kinetic Magnetic Trainer

Magnetic Trainer
The Kinetic by Kurt is a very versatile piece of training equipment. This is well designed for ease of use and durability. It is very useful for cross-training by offering many different resistance levels to vary routine and find peak levels.

It has a bar mount resistance selector and a quick connect/ disconnect knob for easy set up and break down. It features one of the largest flywheels on the market adding to the high end resistance range of the unit.

CycleOps Super Magneto Pro Bicycle Trainer

Magnetic Trainer
The Magneto has been specifically designed for in home use with an ultra-realistic feel. This is a fully adjustable model and can create a workout that can closely model an actual ride. It also offers a wide range of adjustments to fit almost any rider or riding style.

It has a quick connect feature for easy bicycle attachment and can breakdown in seconds for quick storage. The frame itself is made from high-grade steel so it will last and comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Buying a Magnetic Trainer Online

If you are interested in buying magnetic trainer online you can buy it in one of these trusted online stores:

Magnetic Trainer
Magnetic Trainer
Magnetic Trainer

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