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Road Bike Training
Road Bike Training
Road Bike Training

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When it comes to any sort of training, including road bike training, you should first try and get your body to adjust to the new exercise and training that comes with it. By cycling for anything between half an hour to a full hour without concentrating much on the cycling load and performance, you get the necessary muscle groups to adapt to this new activity. This allows you to gain the necessary strength and vitality required for a more demanding training regimen. This lays the perfect foundation for the adoption of a training system.

Like any other form of exercise, the first few weeks will see you gain some fitness with the new activity level. However, you will begin to gain this fitness at a reduced rate until you hit a plateau. This is your signal to increase the training intensity level. You will know that you have hit a plateau when your training load feels effortless. By increasing the load you will continue to gain fitness. Working intervals into your training program will help you with this.

Interval Training

Interval training refers to using a combination of varying levels of intensity during your road bike training sessions.

Tip: Learn how to attack to dominate road races

Road Bike Training

If you are interested in taking part in road racing cycling competitions, you will need to take some time and learn how to attack. This attack is meant to help you establish a breakaway group or ride solo to victory.

The main lesson when it comes to attacks is that you will need to anticipate the best time to do it. during a race, you might find that it fails over and over again but having trained before you will have enough in the tank to ensure that you continue trying until you are successful.

During these intervals the cycling load should be varied to offer challenging cycling and breaks in an alternating fashion. Here you will have to rely on two important cycling load-changing strategies. The first one is the use of a carefully mapped-out course that combines inclines and flat stretches.

The second one involves using bicycle gears to vary the cycling load. For instance, during your cycling sessions, you can cycle at a high intensity for around six minutes followed by four minutes of low-intensity cycling. Use the above strategies to achieve this.

Another popular interval training approach is the Peak 8 training. Here the cyclist will pedal at their highest level of intensity for thirty seconds and then follow it up with two minutes of low-intensity cycling for recovery. This is to be repeated eight times during the training sessions continuously.

Group Training

Group training offers some great opportunities when it comes to keeping yourself motivated as well as integrating interval training into your routine.

One of the main lessons of group training is drafting. When riding in a competition you will need to have the ability to maintain proximity to the rider ahead of you. This means that you have to stay alive to everything that is happening directly ahead of you to avoid sharp turns and unnecessary breaking that leads to loss of speed and power.

Interval training in a group is usually more interesting. The group will usually ride in a draft formation with each cyclist lining up behind another. The last cyclists will need to ride to the front and then reduce their speed to keep up with the group; this sets the tone for the next rider who is now last. This should be repeated continuously. Here, cyclists will be training at a higher intensity in a bid to get to the lead position and then taking a break cycling slower as the other cyclists do the same.

The key to developing fitness at an increasing level is to ensure that you always challenge your body. Whether going out on road bike training in a group or on your own, you will need to do your best to keep the cycling load increasing as your fitness level rises.

Tip: It's good to shock your body once in a while.

Road Bike Training

If you do the same workout week after week, your body eventually gets used to it, no matter how punishing the workout is. When that happens, you'll hit a training plateau and stop getting stronger and fitter. To avoid plateaus, give your body a surprise once in a while.

If you normally do endurance training, throw some interval training in there. If you cycle on a lower gear to increase your thigh strength, try doing weights instead. This way, you'll see markedly improved physical progress.

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