Rock and Roll Trainer

Rock and Roll Trainer
Kinetic Rock and Roll Indoor Bicycle Trainer

A rock and roll trainer can not mimic wind, noise or scenery that you could have while cycling outdoors, but it can simulate a more realistic bicycle motion while cycling.

All indoor stationary bicycle trainers are designed with one challenge in mind: to provide the most realistic training experience possible. Obviously, some characteristics of an outdoor cycling experience can never be fully recreated in an indoor environment.

Wind, noise, scenery and other natural elements are either extremely difficult or very expensive to replicate in a standard indoor environment. However, training systems like the rock and roll trainer, also known as the pivot trainer, do a good at simulating a more realistic motion when cyclists pedal while standing up. The natural swaying motion is important for cyclists who compete on varied terrain over long distances.

Just like any other bicycle indoor training stands, Pivot trainers have a number of advantages that are common to all stationary trainers. For instance, cyclists can train and exercise in a safe enclosure during winter months or while recovering from an injury. Moreover, it is a great way to try out new cycling techniques and monitor technical and mechanical changes, which is more difficult to do while cycling outdoors.


Tip: Don safety equipment if you’re trying out a rock and roll trainer for the first time.

For many cyclists, training on a rock and roll trainer is a really novel experience. The sensation of swaying in the bicycle saddle is an exhilarating one that closely resembles outdoor cycling. However, if you’re not used to a rock and roll trainer, the chances of you taking a tumble are relatively high.

For safety’s sake, wear a helmet and some elbow and knee guards when using the trainer for the first time. It’s better to look a little silly than to get a concussion while cycling at home – you’ll never live it down!

Apart from the obvious advantage of mimicking the natural swaying motion, Rock and Roll trainers also have a number of other advantages. Importantly, they exert less stress on the bicycle frame because the machine more efficiently absorbs the pressure and energy.

A less well-known fact is that Pivot trainers can accommodate most size riders: this is not the case for all types of trainers. The reason is that with Pivot trainers balance is less of an issue, because of the all-round support of the bicycle trainer.

Those who are concerned with noise levels will be happy to note that Rock and Roll trainers are amongst the quietest training systems available.


The major drawback of Rock and Roll trainers is the fact that they are relatively more expensive compared to standard stationary trainers. In addition, like all trainers they are not easy on the tires.

Depending on the type of trainer, some bikes might not be entirely compatible and users will have to either use a combination of bikes or apply certain changes that could affect the training experience.


  • Before purchasing a Rock and Roll trainer, make sure that it fits your budget and training needs. Some trainers are more suited for cyclists who compete on flat terrain or short distances.
  • Always use a special set of training tires when using the trainer because they tend to wear out easily. Do not waste your expensive racing tires while practicing on a stationary trainer.
  • Remember that because it is an indoor training exercise, there is no wind to keep the rider cool while training. Therefore, it is prudent to invest on a sweat guard or other bicycle training equipment to protect the bike’s frame.
  • Never purchase a Rock and Roll trainer without trying it out first because no matter how much material you read about it, only a genuine experience with the machine will help you understand if it is indeed comfortable and fits your requirements. Also ensure that the type of bicycle used – mountain bikes or road bikes – is compatible with the trainer.

Recommended Rock and Roll Trainers

Kinetic by Kurt Rock and Roll Bicycle Trainer

Rock and Roll Trainer
The fluid offers a quiet ride and the swaying motion offers a truly unique and life-like feel. It provides a core work out as well by forcing the rider to “balance”. This promotes a full body work out so that on race days riders can be more prepared.

The swaying motion can take a little getting used to but it is definitely a bonus when looking to have a realistic feel to your workout. It is made from durable steel and high-grade plastic and has been specifically designed to give the rider a sense of security and stability.

Kinetic Rock & Roll Trainer with 12lb Pro Flywheel

Rock and Roll Trainer
What a revolutionary design! The Rock and Roll trainer offers the most realistic feel of any trainer on the market. It allows the rider to stand on their bike and actually sway from side to side as if they were actually doing it on a real hill. This improves not only core conditioning but has shown great improvement from riders in climbing technique and rhythm. A definite buy if you are serious and can afford it!

User Comments

“A Rock and Roll trainer offers the best training experience available. I’ve been cycling for about twenty years and given the fact that I live up here in the great north, winter cycling is completely out of the question and this is the only way I can get a great workout. I love the sensation of the bike naturally moving from side to side and since most systems are compatible with different resistance units, there is plenty of choice available. I would highly recommend this over other trainers. Cheers.”

Jasper Volgner

“I must admit, that I was a bit nervous when I tried this machine. Somehow, the swaying feeling, which is so natural when you cycle outdoors seemed strange when you tried it indoors on a stationary trainer. But then I realized that I’ve got used to such unnatural indoor trainers that I felt weird around one that gave a natural cycling experience. Anyway, I love this and it is easy to get hooked on it pretty quickly.”

Lucy Wu

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