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Wind trainer (also called fan or air trainer) is very popular bicycle training device. These trainers are an entry level trainers – they are defiantly not the best ones you can find in the market, and actually some stores would not even carry them, but it is somewhat unfair: the wind trainers will give you a great value for your money. A major advantage of the wind trainers in their progressive resistance. You are getting a very realistic feeling. The down side is the high noise level.

Did you know...?

Wind Trainer

Did you know that in order to get more out of your wind trainer, you should cycle in a higher gear?

Wind trainers are an excellent way to keep your fitness and strength up when the weather is poor. However, as fan blades tend to be rather small, the maximum resistance offered by wind trainers is usually lower than other indoor trainers.

Fortunately, you can still put yourself through punishing training. The solution is a simple one - just use the highest possible gear when you're cycling on your wind trainer and you'll be able to take your indoor training to the next level.

What Is The Wind Trainer?

Wind trainers are similar to all other bicycle indoor training stands: The cyclist is connecting his own bicycle to a resistance device, and start pedaling. While riding there are two major types of resistance: one is due to the gravity force, and is very much affected by the slop of our ride, and the other is the friction with the wind. It is well known that as we ride faster, the wind resistance becomes much more dominant. On the same principle came the air resistance device: the rear wheel is connected to a fan that produces air flow, and as we pedal faster there is more and more resistance.

Bicycle Wind Trainer Pros and Cons


  • Realistic resistance - The resistance is increasing along with your cycling speed.
  • Simple mechanism - The wind bicycle exercise stand is simple and uncomplicated, and will last more.
  • Easy to setup - The wind trainer is easy to setup. Just connect your bicycle to the stand, and start cycling.
  • Low price - As they are simple, these trainers are relatively cheap.


  • High noise level - Nothing perfect in life. Put your mp3 headset on - the wind trainer is quite noisy.
  • Limited training levels - In most wind trainers there are limitations to the different levels of resistance that can be obtained.

What to Look For in a Wind Trainer?

When buying a wind trainer I would recommend to look for the following features

  • Noise level - As this is the main disadvantage of this type of trainer, look carefully for the one that produces the lowest noise level (due to its blades shape).
  • Multiple resistance levels - To simulate real cycling trail conditions, look for a wind trainer that have several resistance levels.
  • Is it foldable? - Make sure the wind trainer is foldable so that you can store it under your bed.
  • Stability - As with any other bicycle indoor training stand, stability is crucial Look for the most stable one.
  • Price - Wind trainers are known for their low price. Don't give up on this one!
  • Easy setup - Wind trainer should be quite easy to setup. Make sure this is the case with your new bicycle exercise stand.
  • Warranty Look for a lifetime or for a long term warranty.

Manufactures of Wind Trainers

Here are two of my favorite manufacturers of wind trainers:

Recommended Wind Trainers

Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer

Wind Trainer

The main downside to this model is that it is very loud. Considering the cost though, it is still a great value. I would say that the best feature of it is definitely the double flywheel that really does offer some realistic road feel, though because of this it creates a lot of noise. Another benefit of the double flywheel is that it offers many resistance choices. This model is a great option when looking to buy a fan trainer.

CycleOps Wind Trainer

Wind Trainer

The Wind Trainer is a sturdy and well-built piece of equipment. It is made from hollow aluminum tubes and high impact plastic and comes with a limited five year warranty. One of the best features is the flat-folding design. It can be stored upright or lying flat. It is very adjustable model that can accommodate most bicycles, both mountain and road. It is a wind trainer and offered great resistance, but like many other wind trainers it can be very noisy.

Buying a Wind Trainer Online

If you are interested in buying wind trainer online you can buy it in one of these trusted online stores:

Wind Trainer
Wind Trainer

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