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3 Wheel Bicycle
3 Wheel Bicycle

A cycling trend that is quickly catching on is the three-wheel bicycle. Although tricycles are commonly associated with children, they are a great alternative to a regular bike for adults as well as children.

Types of 3 Wheel Bicycle for Adults

There are several different types of 3 wheel bikes.

  • The upright 3 wheel cycle with options including folding models and cargo baskets.
  • A recumbent cycle, which rides lower to the ground with a reclining style, wider chair and the pedals in front.
  • A semi recumbent, which combines both bicycle types, It features a comfortable seat, but it sits a little higher for better visibility.

Did you know...?

3 Wheel Bicycle

Did you know that 3 wheel bicycles are great for shopping?

I love shopping, but I hate dealing with the traffic jams that build up around the malls and I'm sure many of you share that sentiment. A 3 wheel bicycle is the perfect way to beat the jams and still get your retail therapy.

Best of all, the sturdier frame and larger storage capacity of most 3 wheel bikes means you can easily store all your shopping bags in your bicycle basket.

Advantages of Using a 3 Wheel Bicycle


A 3 wheel bicycle has more stability than a traditional bicycle with two wheels, and therefore, they can support a heavier or wider load.

Because they have three wheels, tricycles require little to no balance to ride, making them ideal for individuals with disabilities, older riders, children, and anybody who loves to cycle simply for fun.


A 3 wheel bicycle, particularly a recumbent bicycle, is much more comfortable than a traditional bicycle. You can ride virtually pain-free due to the laid back, wide-set, padded seat. Tricycles often have a padded seat back as well, making riding much easier for the elderly or people who suffer from back pain.


You can ride long-distances with respectable speeds on a three-wheel bike, just as you can on a regular bicycle. Many people can ride farther and longer on a tricycle because they are more comfortable, allowing them to get more exercise and fitness benefits.


Three wheel bicycles usually have a sturdy, heavy-duty frame. They are solid and built to last. For this reason, tricycles aren't usually used for racing or performing at top speed, but they last for a very long time, they are very sturdy, and they can even be used to pull heavy loads.


A tricycle is just plain fun. If you have been out of cycling for a while, you want to try something new, or you're worried about your performance and stability on a regular bicycle, a tricycle for an adult is a great way to get back into the sport. They are also great options for children because they are much easier to ride and balance.

Suggested 3 Wheel Bicycles

3 Wheel Bicycle
Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bicycle - This is a great, upright tricycle. It is a single-speed, lightweight bicycle with a comfortable padded spring seat, folding rear basket, and rear hand brakes. It's a basic bike great for leisurely riding.

3 Wheel Bicycle
Mobo Triton The Ultimate 3 Wheel Cruiser - This is a great recumbent 3 wheel bicycle because it can be used for smaller adults or children. The height range is from 3'5" to 5'5". This tricycle is very easy to maneuver, even for children. It's designed to be safe, simple, and fun.

The seating position minimizes pressure on wrists, elbows, and hands, and it's very comfortable for the back. This is a very comfortable bicycle, and very popular for children and smaller adults.

3 Wheel Bicycle
Mobo Triton Pro 20 - This recumbent tricycle is one of the best recumbent bicycles on the market. It is extremely comfortable, rides very smooth, and it's very durable. This bicycle is suitable for riders from 4' to 6'3" and holds up to 250 pounds. This bicycle is perfect for leisurely rides, brisk workouts, and serious competitors.

Where to Buy a 3-Wheel Bicycle?

If you are interested in buying a 3-wheel bicycle you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Buy a 3 Wheel Bicycle on eBay

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Final Word on 3 Wheel Bicycles

If you haven't cycled in a long time, or you're intimidated by traditional cycling, now is the time to try a tricycle. They're fun, easy, comfortable, and they provide a great workout. They're a great option for any cyclist looking for an enjoyable ride.

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