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What are cool bicycles?
Well, it really depends on what you find cool. A few might find vintage bicycles “cool”, some find the most technologically advanced or other special bicycles “cool”, others may find bikes built with the radical production methods “cool”, so on and so forth. Yet, at the end of the day everyone’s concept of cool has at-least one common element: uniqueness.

The more unique the bicycle, the “cooler” it is perceived. So based on this simple premise, I am going to try to list a few of the cool bikes that we have seen over the few years. The ones that still manage to stand out from the crowd and capture our imaginations. While the fundamental design of bicycles has remained the same, there are plenty of innovations going around recently.

Cool Bicycles


I know this is a rather unusual inclusion, but you have to admit: when you see someone riding a unicycle like the Avenir Deluxe Unicycle out in the open, it is pretty cool. The balance aside, it is incredibly unimposing and in some ways, it is the ultimate urban transport.

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Wooden Bicycle

I find wooden bicycles to be very cool. Most of them are meant to be use by small kids, mainly for the purpose of learning how to ride a bicycle.

Wooden bicycles represents the “Clean and Green” revolution. They are built from mainly natural materials, and they are environment friendly. They also represent a high quality of workmanship that goes with each and every bicycle (even if most of them are machine made).

Designs and uses are vary. Some of them are made as a art and are meant to be inspiring, while other are made for practical uses, mainly for kids. Take a look at these kids wooden classic balance bikes. I find it very cool bicycle!

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bicycles allow cyclists to ride in a more comfortable position. It may not be as fast or good looking as the latest generation of road/MTB bikes but they provide a certain level of comfort that are perfect for a certain class of cyclists. These bikes are great for recreational riding and even come in tandem variants. Read more about this unique type of bicycles in the article about recumbent bicycles.

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Gas and Electric Powered Bicycle

Although motorized bicycles have become very popular these days, I still find them very cool as well. For me it is like a miracle to see someone riding a BICYCLE without pedaling.

Recent models of gas and electric bicycles have all the required energy and strength to become a real alternative for a modern urban transportation. I find them both cool bicycles, and very practical!

Handmade bicycles

This category deserves more attention than it gets. Handmade bicycles are not exactly common but they are great places to display superb workmanship, innovation and art.

The simplest and cheapest way to arrange your self a really cool bicycle is to make some changes in your own ordinary bicycle. There are many products that you can attaché to your bicycle. Take a look at some of them:

Where to Buy Cool Bicycles?

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