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Cruisers Bicycles
Cruisers Bicycles
Cruisers Bicycles

Selected cruisers bicycles Online

If you are looking for a bicycle designed for a long relaxing ride, you should take a look at the various models of the cruiser bicycles available in the market today. It is simple in design and often moderate in price. Yet, it looks highly stylish and made to resemble a motorbike. So, fake gas tanks and battery-powered headlights had become the defining mark of this design. Today, it remains a common choice, especially for long leisurely rides.

Facts about Cruisers Bicycles

Here are some facts that you should know if you are considering buying a cruiser’s bicycle:

  • The cruiser’s bicycle is also known as the beach cruiser bike. It originally developed for use on the beach and was quite a popular model for the delivery of newspaper.
  • Cruisers bicycles are sturdy, durable, strong and comparatively inexpensive.
  • These bicycles are just right for long rides on smooth flat surfaces.
  • The cruisers bicycles come with steel structure and balloon tires. As they have become more and more popular, different manufacturers have added their own variation. This gives you a wide range of choice. You can now get cruisers bicycles having different gears, various wheel and handlebar design – each suitable for specific purpose.
  • Curved handlebars are comfortable during long leisurely rides. If you are looking for speed, you need straight handlebars.
  • Several new styles and colors have evolved over time from which you can choose your cruisers bike.

Tip: After cruising on the beach, always give your bike a good cleaning

Cruisers Bicycles

I love cruising on the beach. The feel of the gentle sea breeze, the sound of waves gently lapping against the sand and the warm sunshine conspire to create a truly relaxing and uplifting atmosphere. However, as you're enjoying yourself, your tire grooves are picking up loads of wet sand.

If you don't give your wheels a good hosing once you get home, the sand will abrade your tires over time and shorten their lifespan.

Suggested Cruisers Bicycles

There are a vast number of bicycle manufacturers who have now turned their attention towards designing some of the most stylish and comfortable cruisers bicycles. Since these are one of the most economical models available, you can get a perfect bike even if your budget is not very high. Here are some popular models of cruisers bicycles that you can check out:

Pacific Shorewood Women's Cruiser Bike

Cruisers Bicycles

The Pacific Shorewood Women's Cruiser Bike is sleek and beautiful in its light blue color and the white wheels. It is ideally designed for a slow ride around the beach. This is a seven speed bike with 26" wheel. Easy reach handlebars are mounted on a long stem.

You can go for a comfortable ride with the wide saddle seat which comes with padded suspension. The position of the handlebars encourages an upright seating position. The front and rear >fenders add a touch of quaintness while the hand operated brakes make the bike easy to control.

Airwalk Women's Beach Cruiser Bike

Cruisers Bicycles

The Airwalk 26-Inch cruisers bicycle is another popular bike. This is a women's bike with strong hi-tensile steel frame.

The wide saddle with springs and the comfort grips bring unmatched riding comfort. It has coaster brakes and 26" wheels. The bike is designed with a classic and retro look to maintain the feel of an authentic cruiser's bicycle.

Fashionista Custom Deluxe Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Cruisers Bicycles

Another extremely stylish alternative that you can consider is the Fashionista Custom Deluxe Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle. The hi-tensile steel frame imparts a sturdy character while extra padded seats and stitched brown cruiser grips make for comfort of riding.

The two tone color scheme, the floral seat design and the handmade rattan wicker basket in brown are certain elements in design which gives this bicycle a classy and elegant touch.

Where to Buy Cruiser Bicycles?

If you are interested in buying cruiser bicycles you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Cruiser Bicycles on eBay

Schwinn Vintage Lady's Bike Schwinn Vintage Lady's Bike "Caliente" Pink, Custom Beach cruiser. Pirate bike!
(Used - 5000 USD)
New GWP Lilly Pulitzer & Martone “Kir Pink”  Beach Cruiser/Urban Bicycle (New other (see details) - 2950 USD)New GWP Lilly Pulitzer & Martone “Kir Pink” Beach Cruiser/Urban Bicycle
(New other (see details) - 2950 USD)
Sold Out Limited Edition James Perse Orange Beach Cruiser  (New other (see details) - 2900 USD)Sold Out Limited Edition James Perse Orange Beach Cruiser 
(New other (see details) - 2900 USD)
motorized bicycle Schwinn beach cruiser  (Used - 2000 USD)motorized bicycle Schwinn beach cruiser 
(Used - 2000 USD)

Last Word about Beach Cruisers Bicycles

While there are many different companies and models to choose from, from my experience, I would recommend not going with the cheapest ones. You generally get what you pay for, and with just a moderate increase in your budget, you can end up with a high-quality item, which also looks fabulous. Finally, be sure about the purpose of this bicycle. It is not meant for daily office commute, and you should not expect such performance from it. Cruiser's bicycles are great for getting a taste of the sand and the sea as you go for a leisurely ride.

Cruisers Bicycles
Rust colored cruisers bicycles (find more Online)

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