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Custom lowrider bicycles are all about style and creativity.

Custom Lowrider Bicycles

The bicycle embodies the soul of the rider and every element of the design is important, everything from the handlebars to the wheels. Here are some tips to pimp your ride.

Keep in mind that virtually every part of the low-rider bicycle can be enhanced and at the end of the day, it depends on the rider’s preferences.

If you are going for an original look, then you need to use finely polished chrome and steel to create something truly breathtaking.

Building a Custom Lowrider Bicycle

The great thing about a custom low-rider bicycle is that you do not need vast amounts of money to create a work of art. You could even scavenge around for used parts and put together a real beauty.

First, let’s see what typical custom lowrider bicycles are made of:

  • High handlebars
  • Small wheels
  • White wall tires

Remember, that the frame is the core of all Custom Lowrider Bicycles, so all the additional parts must look well with the rest of the bike.

Adding Your Personal Signature

A signature part for custom lowrider bicycles could set it apart from the rest.

The part does not necessarily have to be something expensive, but it should be appropriate by a symbol of your unique style. This is entirely up to you, and while some people use embellished fenders or bright lights, you can design your own thing.

Do not forget the wheels, which are also very important when it comes to street style. The more spokes, the better; just make sure they are cleaned and polished well. Custom rims are perfect but keep an eye on your budget. Also, remember that the wheels should go well with the rest of the frame.

The Paint Job: Slap Some Colour On The Beast

One of the most noticeable features of custom lowrider bicycles is their paint job. This is where you can let your creativity come into play. Most riders go for flames, tribal art, beautiful women, or even brilliant symbols. It is a mix of design and bright colors. If you are going for a custom paint job, make sure that the design and the colors go well with the rest of the bicycle.

Micargi Hero Custom Lowrider Bicycles
Micargi Hero Custom Lowrider Bicycles

Micargi Hero 20″ Girls Kids Low Rider Beach Cruiser Bicycle Mint Green

Tip: Learn how to use a welder

Custom Lowrider Bicycles

The most rewarding thing about owning a custom lowrider bike is being able to scrounge around in used bike stores for unusual accessories you can use to jazz up your bicycle.

To take full advantage of this, you'll have to learn to weld. Once you pick up this essential skill, the possibilities for pimping your low-rider bicycle are endless.

Can I Buy Custom Lowrider Bikes Online?

Yes - you can! Try buying it on these great online stores:


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More Online Stores Where You Can Buy Custom Lowrider Bicycles

Custom Lowrider Bicycles on YouTube

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  1. Building a lowrider bike may involve welding or fabrication work, especially if you plan to customize the frame or suspension. Ensure you have the necessary skills and equipment or seek professional assistance

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