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Freeride Mountain Bikes
Freeride Mountain Bikes

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Freeride mountain biking is a new discipline in the line of extreme sports and is slowly gaining its reputation to cycling fanatics, businesses, and the people in general. A Cyclist dropping off from a human-made structure, 40 feet above the ground, onto a transition for another jump- is not your ordinary cycling session.

An Introduction to Free ride Mountain Bikes

From the description above you can see that this is a highly demanding sport that requires some modifications to the bikes used.

Did you know...

Freeride Mountain Bikes

Did you know that most freeriding cyclists favor single crown bicycle forks?

These forks are great for performing a variety of stuns as the turning is not encumbered. They are also lighter for faster cycling.

Free ride mountain bikes are not mountain bikes or even downhill mountain bikes they are customized for the demands of this new sport.

It is important to note that even though this sport is relatively new, it has gained a lot of popularity from extreme sports fans, biking enthusiasts and bicycle manufacturers aiming to supply the best free ride mountain bikes to the growing market.

Riding Vs. Running

People often correlate free riding with free running. Freeriding has the same concept as free running, and that is to travel from point A to point B, to finish in the fastest time possible and to make the best stylistic and trick filled line, which is governed by speed and control.

Originally, a freeride mountain bike is just made by altering a downhill bike. It made to enable the cyclist to go downhill just as fast, and also to go uphill with ease. But nowadays, a freeride mountain bicycle is a different bike from a downhill bicycle.

The path for freeride mountain biking should give the cyclists ample opportunity to perform their tricks, both on flat ground and in the air. The area should be free from both natural and human-made objects. The sole objective is to allow catapulting the rider up in the air to perform tricks and creating the best stunts possible.

Freeride Mountain Bikes

Relation With Skateboarding

A similarity can be seen inside a skate park where skateboarders tweak or modify their skateboards to serve a certain purpose.

Did you know...?

Freeride Mountain Bikes

Did you know that almost all freeride mountain bicycles feature larger-than-usual tires?

As larger tires help to absorb the impact of long drops, tires with a width between 2.4 to 2.6 inches are not uncommon in the freeride bicycle industry. Many of these also come with gigantic knobs to help reduce drag when cycling through muddy or sandy terrain.

Trucks may be loosened to provide greater maneuverability but less stability and vice versa. A line can also be created by doing tricks on flat ground with freestyle skateboarding, and by combining tricks while airborne- which is called "vert" skateboarding.

Freeride mountain bicycle has a bit less suspension, and is much lighter, since it is built with aluminum and is made smaller- so that the cyclist will have the ability to go through technical sections of the run with ease.

Head angles are a bit steeper and wheelbases are shorter, meaning low speed stability, so that maneuverability is maximized throughout technical sections of the course, where the freeride mountain biker will need to decrease his speed. Single crown forks are also used so that the biker can perform pivotal tricks like bar spins and tail whips. Freeride mountain bicycles are offered by many companies. Modification is also very important, and should be decided upon by the cyclists who are planning to use freeride mountain bikes

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