Kids Bikes

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Kids Bikes

People often wonder what type of kids bikes they should buy. Many of them are parents who are looking for affordable boys bicycles or girls bicycles. So I decided on writing this page – especially for those parents who want the best bicycle within budget. When it comes to kids bikes, most kids have just one, so you need to look for a bike that is versatile in nature.

The bike you select should be able to go well with off road biking, as well as going to school. Apart from that, children want their bikes to look colorful, sporty and attractive. In fact, the bike’s appearance is more important to kids than bicycle gears or brakes. So it’s your responsibility to make sure that everything is perfect in their bike – from child seat to bicycle brakes.

Tip: Make sure your child's bicycle is highly visible

Kids Bikes

As you know, kids bikes are much smaller than bicycles for adults. This makes them much less visible to motorists.

To ensure your child will be visible to road-users, make sure his bicycle is in an extremely bright color. You should also ensure it is fitted with reflectors, safety flags and other features designed to increase visibility.

Selecting The Right Kids Bikes

The Right Size

If you do not want to go into too much detail while buying child's bike, at least make sure that it is the right size. Often, what some people do is to get a bike that their kids would grow into.

I would suggest moving in phases, and getting the bike that is the right size. Later you can sell the bikes that they don't use anymore. If their feet can't reach the ground properly, and their hands can't properly hold the handle, then there is no fun in riding a bike like that! Besides, it is also dangerous for them too!

Here is a general guide based on age and wheel size:

  • Pre-school bikes: sub 16" wheel
  • Ages 4-6: 16" wheel
  • Ages 6-10: 20" wheel
  • Ages 10-13: 24" wheel
  • Above 13: Small adult bikes

The Right Crank

When you buy a bike for your child, make sure that the bicycle crank is about 20% of their internal leg length. Or you can get the crank that is 1/10 of their height.

Consider The Child's Weight

The weight of your child plays an important role in deciding the right bike for him. Since they are lighter than adults, the maneuverability of the bike is highly affected by the child's weight.

Brakes and Wheels

Kids Bikes

Make sure to scale down the wheel size as the rider is going to be a child. I have given a rough estimate of wheel size according to the child's age. You can follow the above points and get the right wheel size for your child.

While big wheels are good for easily rolling off bumps, they are heavier and generate more inertia, so it gets difficult for the child to steer the bike. There are some other considerations for buying kids bicycles, like the reach of the child and suspension bicycle forks. You can get air sprung forks for your children, as they can be easily adjusted, and they are lighter.

Before you go and buy girls bicycles or a boys bicycle, you must ensure that you have taken the important points in consideration so that you can get your children the bikes that will be safe and fun.

Can I Buy a Kids Bikes Online?

Yes - you can! There are plenty of kids bikes on many online stores. Take a look:

Kids Bikes on eBay

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