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Recycled Bicycles
Recycled Bicycles
Recycled Bicycles
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Recycled bicycles usually trace their origins to donations from people. However, it is interesting to know that some bikes trace their history back to waste sites, police raids, abandoned parking sites, bicycle exchanges, or just a box of spare parts.

Every year thousands of unused bicycles are discarded in countries where they are used almost purely for recreation or exercise. However, these simple two-wheeled tools have the potential to change the lives of millions of low-income people in some of the poorest countries in the world. They can also do a lot of good in the poor communities of developed countries.

The solution is recycled bikes. With a little work, dedication, and a few spare parts, teams of passionate mechanics can restore unused or abandoned bikes and give them a new purpose. Unlike bicycle donations, which generally require bikes in relatively good condition, recycled bicycles come in all forms, shapes, types, and sizes. Even basic frames are highly valued. In the hands of a skilled mechanic, these humble bikes can serve people once again.

About Recycled Bicycles

Bicycles are not the only things that are a part of the recycling process. Spare parts, bicycle tools and the generous time given by volunteers are very important.

Did you know...?

Did you know that recycling your bicycle can still contribute to a worthy cause if every single part of your bicycle is non-functional?

Bicycle parts are mostly made out of metal and rubber which are easily recycled. Recycling these materials helps protect the environment and conserve the Earth's resources.

Recycled bicycles find new purpose in a variety of places including art studios, poor youth communities, community projects, underdeveloped countries, public transport, educational institutions, etc.

Recycling bicycles is not just about helping people but it is also about helping the environment by cutting down on pollution, waste, and congestion. For those who are serious about recycling, there is also little money to be made because many collection centers pay small fees for bicycles, spare parts, and other bicycle tools.

Once recycled bikes hit the road and find their way into poor communities, they can help improve health, commerce, transport, and the general quality of life. Therefore, there are plenty of reasons why recycled bikes are good for communities and individuals, all of whom have the passion to help others and the environment.


  • Recycled bicycles make extensive use of spare parts that are abandoned or unused. This is a great way to get rid of unused bicycles or parts that you would normally be too embarrassed to give to charity.
  • Many bicycle-recycling centers accept tax-deductible donations and receipts on value, which is great for keeping track of your taxes and financial information.
  • Centres that offer recycling services also feature free bicycle technical and mechanical courses that can be both fun and useful.
  • Recycled bikes are great for bargain hunters and amateur riders. Some places allow customers to return, rent, or exchange recycled bikes on very generous terms.

Recycled Bicycles

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