Special Bicycles

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Special Bicycles

My own experience with special bicycles goes back many years, to my childhood days. At that this I had my first 3 wheel bicycle. The 4 wheel bicycle, the 3 wheel bicycle, the gas powered bicycle, and the ever awe-inspiring wooden bicycles are classic works of ingenuity that I find very intriguing.

Selected Special Bicycles

Take a look at these special bicycles:

Special Bicycles: Chainless bicycles
Special Bicycles: Bicycle With Training Wheels
Special Bicycles: Automatic Bicycles
Chainless Bicycles
Bicycle w Training Wheels
Automatic Bicycles
Special Bicycles: Cool Bicycles
Special Bicycles: Retro Bicycles
Special Bicycles: Recycled Bicycles
Cool Bicycles
Retro Bicycles
Recycled Bicycles
Special Bicycles: Recumbent Bicycles
Recumbent Bicycles

More Special Bicycles – In Details

3 Wheel Bicycle

Three wheel bicycles are also known as tricycles or trikes.

These may be fitted with motorized engines or may be propelled by human strength. The design and use will vary. There are trikes designed for child friendly activities and there are those designed for the use of adults.

If you like to get more detailed information, you are invited to visit the page about three wheel bicycles.

3 Wheel Bicycles on eBay

Pedicabs (Rickshaws)

Pedicabs (also known as Rickshaws, or pedal powered taxis) are widely used in the Far East Asia. You can also find them in other countries.

There are two main types of pedicabs: Pedicabs for passengers, and Rickshaws to carry cargo. On some of them the cyclist is in the front and the cabin is in the back (rickshaws), and on the other the cargo is in the front and the cyclist - pushing from behind (cyclos).

In many Far East Asia countries (such as in India and China) the Rickshaws are widely used as a common mean of transportation. They are used to move people from place to place, as well as moving equipment across town.

You can also find Pedicabs all over the world. They are used as a unique and clean mean of transportation - especially for tourists (take a look at this site about pedicab tours in the Central Park, NYC)

The special bicycles are quite expensive (thousands of Dollars) as there are not so many manufacturers that are building them. Here are list of some of them (in the US).

Before buying a pedicab take a note that they are built to carry heavy load and so they are typically quite heavy and not easy to ride.

Did you ever tried riding one? - I did!. Take a look at the result:

special bicycles - pedicabs

Pedicabs and Rickshaws on eBay

4 Wheel Bicycle

Special Bicycles

Also called quadricycles, quadricycles, quadcycle pedal cars, these four wheel bicycles are basically human powered bicycles consisting of four wheels. These special bikes are made to seat two, four and even six people. The four wheel bicycles, just like ant other bicycle types were improved over the years. Their design, capacity, and capability became more and more contemporary.

Although in some models they are powered by multiple riders, the quadricycles are typically not faster than any regular bicycles, mostly due to the increased weight (per passenger).

4 wheel bicycles are used by those who are looking for a special riding experience, and by riders with special needs. This includes people that have physical difficulties riding regular bikes (for example due to a balancing problem), or those who are afraid from riding a regular - two wheeled bicycle.

When it was impossible to climb hills with old quadricycles, today it can be used to do such an impossible act. It was once used as a slow moving, stable transportation medium, but nowadays stability is not sacrificed with speed. Also, long distance and short distance travel will make no difference, as it is very comfortable to use and requires less energy because of a multitude of gears installed in a single four wheel bicycle.

4 Wheel Bicycles on eBay

Gas Powered Bicycle

Special Bicycles

If you are tired of pedaling all the way to work, especially if you live in San Francisco where inclines and declines are found in every turn and you do not have the energy, endurance, or strength to make it all the way, then I recommend you getting a gas powered bicycle.

This special bicycle will assist a cyclist by a number of ways depending on the design installed on a previously owned bicycle or a new pre engine installed bicycle.

Special bicycles - Solex gas powered bicycles
Solex gas powered bicycles
While we stayed in Spikenburg, Holland, Fall 2012

Gas Powered Bicycles on eBay

Wooden Bicycles

Special Bicycles - Wooden Bicycles

Wooden bicycles are living up to the whole "Clean and Green" concept that is being promoted from these past few years. These energy efficient and environment friendly special bicycles are slowly gaining momentum and popularity, because of the great quality and workmanship that goes with each and every bicycle.

Designs vary and so do the uses. This is because some wooden bicycles are made for aesthetic and inspiring purposes while others are made for transportation.

Wooden Bicycles on eBay

Did you know...?

Wooden bicycles provide less bumpy rides? Despite their lightweight appearance, researchers have found that wooden bicycles may actually provide better impact absorption than traditional metal ones due to the air pockets in the wood.

Selected Special Bicycles

Special Bicycle
Special Bicycle

Last Word About Special Bicycles

Buying one of these special bicycles can help you, your family and the environment in one way or the other. All these special bikes are actually more about fun than anything else. They are also reliving the past.

This picture of this three wheel special bicycle was taken during our bicycle trip in Chiang Mai, Thailand:

Special Bicycles

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