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Triathlon Bicycle
Triathlon Bicycle
Triathlon Bicycle
Triathlon Bicycle

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Some say that you are a bicycle fanatic. You have all types of bicycles: a mountain bike, a cruiser bike and even a road bicycle. You have started riding on a road bicycle since the day you wanted to make bike riding your life. Now you feel that it’s time to move on – to have your very own triathlon bicycle! You asked around for an opinion on what type of triathlon bicycle you should buy and got the same answer over and over again, in the form of a question:

“are you going to enter a lot of triathlons,
or are you just going to try a single triathlon?”

This question bothered you in a number of ways, and you are looking for answers. The first question to be asked is what the major differences between road bikes and triathlon bikes are? Take a look.

Road Bike Vs. Triathlon Road Bike

What is the difference between a road bicycle and a triathlon bicycle? In all honesty, there is only but a small change:

A triathlon bicycle is designed to decrease
the amount of energy consumed by the rider.

This would mean that he would have enough energy to finish the rest of the race. The angle of the seat is made steeper, thus decreasing stress on the quadriceps that would later be used for running. There is also a shorter head tube and top tube on a triathlon bike. All of these characteristics make it more aerodynamic and do not require the biker to use a lot of muscle strength to hold up the upper torso, since a triathlon bike normally has an aero bar which supports both the hands and the elbows of the triathlon competitor.

Tip: Get the right bike for the right terrain.

If the triathlon competition is in hilly terrain then the advance seating position on triathlon bikes may give you problems when cycling uphill.

However the smaller 26er wheels and frame make the bike lighter than road racing bikes and make up for the seating position.

Buying Your First Triathlon Bicycle

For your first triathlon competition you can still ride on your good old road racing bike. After you will finish your first triathlon - then it is time to decide if you will be doing more triathlons after that. When you will decide on being serious with entering triathlons, then you should also consider buying a good triathlon bicycle that will meet your specific needs, and geometry. In addition, as a serious triathlon cyclist, you should join a triathlon bicycle training. With training, you should also start using the right cycling equipment that are needed for triathlon riders, and to adopt the right cycling nutrition plan.

Tip: If you find holding an aerodynamic position uncomfortable, buy a triathlon bicycle

Triathlon Bicycle

Serious cyclists should be able to bend their body into an aerodynamic position that minimizes wind resistance and maximizes speed. However, this position can be quite uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

A triathlon bicycle has an "aero bar" to give better support to the hands and elbows to reduce the discomfort involved in holding the aerodynamic position.

Where to Buy a Triathlon Bicycle?

If you are interested in buying a triathlon bicycle you can buy it in one of these trusted online stores:

Selected Triathlon Bicycles on eBay

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Triathlon Bicycle
Triathlon Bicycle
Triathlon Bicycle

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