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Urban Bicycles
Schwinn Crest Urban Men’s Hybrid Bike

Urban bicycles are convenient little vehicles to own – especially when you find yourself stuck in a tight, congested, and highly urbanized location. Their affordability, compact size, and zero fuel needs make them especially useful to keep around. But if you need a little extra convincing to get you to own your bike, then here are a few of the more important reasons you need to know:

Be Free from Traffic and Parking Spaces

Parking can be a serious headache in the urban setting, especially in downtown areas where your only option is to pay a stiff fee to make use of pay-parking facilities. Even going out to the grocery to pick up a few items can be a hassle when you have to weave through thick traffic and then to spend half an hour just finding a spot to park in. Urban bicycles let you bypass these woes, and can be very affordable.

Why Urban Bicycles?

Because They Are Low-Maintenance Vehicles

Urban Bicycles
Motorized vehicles cost a lot to maintain. Your monthly budget for gas alone could very well cover the price of a decent urban bike, never mind the inevitable breakdown that you’ll face when the innumerable parts of your car start to suffer from wear and tear.

The average urban bike needs only the occasional lubrication to keep it going, and the very simple design means that you don’t have to worry about too many components breaking down on you. Some models take things one step further, like how the Sonoma Urban Commuter does away with the chain and derailleur to increase reliability.

Because They Are Compact Vehicles

Urban Bicycles
Cars need their own dedicated garage, unless you want to expose your car to the elements and to potential theft by leaving it out on the curb.

Urban bikes, however, can be easily stored in your home or apartment – cutting out the need for a garage or costly long-term parking facility. Heck, some bikes take the compact features more seriously than others. Take the Schwinn Loop Folding Bike. This interesting little piece folds sideways into itself, allowing you to conveniently pack the whole thing into an elevator or bring it up a flight of stairs with ease.

Because They Are Comfortable

Urban Bicycles
The main difference between urban bicycles and their more rugged or sporty counterparts is that urban bikes allow the rider to sit up straight while riding through the road.

You don’t necessarily need to bend forward to speed through the streets like a cycling athlete. This feature allows you to “cruise” along the road at a comfortable pace without having to contort yourself to an uncomfortable position just to streamline yourself.

This is the logic that drives the design of the Men’s 26″ Cruiser Bicycle, where higher handlebars allow you to ride with relative ease.

Because You Can Work Out While Commuting

Urban Bicycles
You’d be surprised at how healthier (and slimmer) you would be if you ride a bike instead of drive a car. Sure, cars are useful for those longer trips through the country, but the compact nature of an urban bike makes it ideal for zipping through the congested lanes of your average metropolis.

Not only will you dodge traffic and arrive at your destination faster, but you’ll also get a “free” daily workout without having to spend money or schedule time to go to the gym. Just pack a towel and spare change of clothes with you and you’ll be all set to start the day after a refreshing workout!

You are invited to read more about biking exercise here. You are also invited to take a look at this handbook about urban biking:

Tip: To protect your investment, buy some bike locks

Urban Bicycles

Cyclists in urban areas often find that their bicycles make their lives a lot easier, but an urban bicycle is also one more thing to worry about.

In urban areas where crime rates tend to be higher, you need to take extra steps to prevent your bicycle from being stolen. A sturdy bicycle lock is one of the best ways to do that.

Urban Bicycles Online

If you are interested in buying urban bikes you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

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