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Women Bikes
Women Bikes
Womens Bicycle
Womens Bicycle

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Since the two sexes are built differently and have different needs, women bikes are different than men’s. In general, women have narrower shoulders, smaller hands and feet, a shorter upper body, a wider hip circumference, and in some cases, longer legs. This means that if adult women would use men’s bicycles, then in the long run they would have an uncomfortable bottom and might even suffer from knee or back pain.

Did you know...?

Womans Bicycle

Did you know that women bikes have bike seats specially tailored to the female physique?

Since women have much wider hips than men, they need a broader bicycle saddle to improve the weight distribution across their lower body. In general, women's bike seats are wider while men's bike seats are narrower.

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What is Unique In Women Bikes?

So, what are the specific differences between men's and women bikes, and what are the things that a woman should think of when buying a bicycle?

Women Have... Bikes Have... For What Reason?
Narrower shoulders Smaller bicycle handlebars To match women's body structure
Shorter arms More upright and shorter stem To match women's body structure
Smaller hands Bicycle brakes and gear shifters should also be smaller To accommodate woman's naturally smaller hands
Softer tissues The bicycle saddle should be wider and with a cutout To support the woman's bottom at all times. The cutout is made for a great prevention of soft tissue damage
Some women wear dresses while on their bikes Bicycle frames with slanted crossbars To protect women's modesty. Note: nowadays, most women wear pants or shorts when they are cycling and many cyclists expect the slanted crossbar to eventually be phased out
Lighter weight Lighter Bicycle frames and materials This would better suit the typically women's lighter weight
Better sense for style... Women bikes should be visually different from a men's bicycle To match women's (better) sense for style

Tip: Women’s bicycles should have shorter cranks

Womens Bicycle

Even though women tend to have longer legs as compared to their shorter torso, it is important to note that they still have shorter legs than men and require shorter cranks. This should not be ignored during the customization process.

Where to Buy Women Bikes?

If you are interested in buying women bikes you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

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Women Bikes
Women Bikes

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