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bmx games

BMX games were born in the early 1970s in Southern California, when children who were inspired by motocross began racing bikes on dirt trails. By April 1981, the International BMX Federation had been founded, and in 1993, the Union Cyclist International welcomed the integration of BMX.

What are BMX Games?

Did you know...?

Did you know that frames and forks on high-end BMX bicycles are made of chromoly?

As a variant of steel, chromoly has high carbon content. It is more durable than stainless steel yet significantly lighter. If your goal is to participate in professional BMX games, consider a bike made of this strong material.

As different styles of cycling have fused together, stunts and tricks previously only seen in BMX riding can now be appreciated in Freeride BMX biking.

BMX Freestyle was developed by racers who had the goal of pushing the performance of their bikes to the limits. Bob Haro, founder of Haro Bikes is often called the "Father of Freestyle." He invented Flatland BMX, and designed the first frame and fork that was tailored solely to BMX Freestyle.

5 Disciplines of BMX Games

BMX games today encompasses Dirt, Flatland, Park, Street, and Vert principles.

  • Dirt - This popular type of BMX biking involves jumps built from dirt on the trails. Jumps consist of a steep lip and a less steep landing, with a gap in between.

  • Flatland - Flatlanders rarely explore the other four principles of Freestyle BMX biking. They are generally very dedicated to perfecting their technique. This variation involves balancing and spinning tricks on a flat surface. Knurled aluminum pegs are often used by riders to achieve unthinkable positions.

  • Park - Skate parks are made of concrete, metal, or wood. Concrete ones generally feature bowls and pools. Wood is favored by those looking to achieve a flowing style, and metal is the most durable option, and less prone to damage.

  • Street - These BMX games use everything from public space to urban architecture to achieve tricks. Curbs, handrails, ledges, and stairs are elements riders find attractive.

  • Vert - This popular type of Freestyle BMX game is performed in a half pipe. Two quarter pipes face one another like ramps, and a lip is created with metal for riders to do grinds and stalls. This principle is where you hear riders talk a lot about catching air.

BMX Games: Choosing the Right Bike

bmx games

The Schwinn Sting-Ray is known as the first BMX bike.

It was introduced in 1963 and changed everything. Its dramatically different design made it Schwinn's bestselling bike overnight.

Today, bikes used for BMX games are made by a number of manufacturers. Since the bike's main purpose is to execute tricks, its shape is smaller than other varieties. This includes tube length (see bicycle frame size), as well as wheel circumference.

Although a BMX bicycle is not the best option for those commuting by bicycle, these bikes can still be seen in abundance throughout the city. This is because riders are always on the lookout for intriguing urban terrain to use for tricks.

Know Your Intentions

It is often beneficial to know which discipline of Freestyle BMX game you want to focus on before picking your bike. The design is slightly varied for each, but that is not to say you can't use one bike to dabble in multiple areas. Many people do.

  • Tires - The biggest different is seen in the tires. Tires used for BMX games straddle the line between dirt and pavement designs. The tread must provide optimum traction, grip, and speed when you are accelerating and cornering.
  • Brakes - BMX riders tend to prefer linear-pull brakes for maximum braking power. Trail and street riders more focused on control may lean towards U-brakes, as they offer superior modulation.
  • Handlebars - Aside from strength and weight variations, the difference in handlebar shape is very subtle. Keep mind that bars on a 20-inch BMX cruiser will be slightly higher in rise than those on a 24-inch bike.

Books about BMX Games

For more information, there are some informative books about BMX games. Take a look:

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BMX Games

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