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Bicycle Accessories
Bicycle Accessories
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Bicycle Accessories

The thrill of riding your path on open road or trail path during weekends and holidays catches the attention of a lot of people. Hobbyists and cycling enthusiasts know exactly what they need for their bicycles to make sure they have a smooth and easy ride. Riding a bicycle is more than just buying a bike and looking for new destinations to explore. It is far more than that.

Recognizing the basics and nitty-gritty of the bicycle itself is a start, although a lot of serious cyclists still find that they need to find complementing accessories that will help make their rides easier and safer. And because of that, picking out the suitable and appropriate accessories for your bicycle means realizing the big difference between the essential and functional, and understanding how and where to purchase that particular accessories you do need.

General Information

Understanding the basic design of your bike is a significant first step in assessing what accessories are the most necessary for yourself and your bike. Some of the basic bicycle accessories are helmets, riding gloves and eye protection. However, there are other bicycle accessories that you need to discover and help you decide whether or not that one particular accessory is essential to your bike. Some may consider that getting reflective accessories for night time riding and theft proof cycle locks are vital for any habitual cyclist, particularly those who love riding at night.

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From hydration system to trail repair kit and bags, there are tons of bicycle accessories in the market to choose from. It seems that the bicycle industry never lacks ideas on what other additional accessories that a biker must have. However, it is important to consider the actual purpose and function of bicycle accessories you want to buy. Although aesthetic is equally important, it is best to focus more on functionality and how a particular bicycle accessory can help improve your riding experience.

Bicycle Bells - Bicycle bells and horns are cycling accessories that can prevent many accidents. Use them and be safe.

There are a large number of bells’ and horns' manufacturers for bicycles. They offer bicycle owners with a variety of products that will really warn other individuals on the path or declare your presence so they will be aware. For example, Avenir makes classic bicycle bells that emit the traditional tiny tone bell and can be easily connected to bicycle handlebars. Bicycle bells like these are usually built with spring-loaded ringer and the sound it emits is loud enough to make the passersby be aware of an oncoming bicycle. Depending on the brand and model, most bicycle bells in the market are chrome plated finish that can be installed on the bike’s handle bar with a rubber shim. Bells like these are often weather resistant and can emit a loud classic chime.

Bicycle Horns - Bicycle horns gives voices to city bikers. As any serious cyclist can attest, city biking - or biking anywhere with heavy vehicle traffic - can get very dangerous, as many drivers fail to respect bike lanes and cycling safety. Read ahead.

A quality made bicycle horn can blast up to 115-decibel and can be heard in the nosiest urban environment. But the downside to this is that most bicycle horns have no volume control to minimize the sound when riding on a quieter environment. However, there are models in the market that have a much tolerable sound which is a good option if you do not want a super loud horn on your bicycle. Just like the bicycle bell, bike horns can also be mounted on the handle bar with a clamp or any attachment unit. Some horns need the use of batteries to power up while others especially air horns can be topped up with a bicycle pump.

Bicycle Mirrors - Defensive cycling is all about avoiding accidents before they happen - bicycle mirrors are another cycling accessories to help you do that.

Bicycle mirrors provide the cyclist additional awareness on the road. This is one of the most important bicycle accessories you need to have especially if you frequently ride the highways or any busy thoroughfare.

Bicycle Child Seat - A child seat for bicycle rides is a cute and convenient way for avid cyclists to continue their youthful passions as they transition into their roles as parents.

There are different types of bicycle child seat. There are models that can be mounted on the front while manufacturers offer rear child seats. Your choice of a bicycle child seat will depend on the age of your child and the design of your bike. A front mounted bicycle child seat is ideal for children that are not yet capable of supporting themselves while a rear child seat for bicycles are suitable for children 5 years old and above.

Bicycle Seat Covers - Bicycle seat covers have two practical functions - to increase rider comfort and to protect the bicycle seat. This makes them an indispensable asset.

Pick out bike seat covers that can be easily put on top your existing bike seat for a custom and more personalized feel not to mention it adds to the overall aesthetics of the bicycle. This is also an excellent if your stock seat cover is already in tatters and worn out. Aside from aesthetics purposes, bicycle seat covers also provide additional protection to the general integrity of your bicycle seat particularly if it is made out of genuine leather.

Bicycle Handlebar Tape - Bicycle handlebar tape is a great way to increase the grip on your bicycle handlebars and help you stay in control.

Bicycle handlebar tape provides additional grip on your bicycle handlebars while helping the driver stay in control especially during wet rides. The bike's handlebars serve as the major system of control for your bicycle. In addition, they also have a whole lot to do with the convenience, comfort and ease of your ride as well.

Where to Buy Bicycle Accessories?

If you are interested in buying bicycle accessories such as bells, horns, mirrors, seat covers and child seats you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

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Final Word On Bicycle Accessories

Cycling is not only becoming a popular hobby and fitness option but it has also evolved into a prestigious sport. However, riding a bike is not just a matter of buying a bicycle and riding it anytime you like. Aside from understanding the fundamental design and function of your bike, it is also important to recognize the suitable bicycle accessories that you can add on your bike base on your purpose and requirement.

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