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When choosing bicycle bags, you must not forget to think about what is most important for you instead of solely focusing on the bag’s design. Of course, if money is not a big deal and you are willing to invest in your bicycle bag, you may want to go for high-end models that are more expensive but are lighter, more agile, and compact, but with enough storage capacity for all your essential things. But there are also bicycle bags that are less expensive and may feature one or two of what high-end bags have.

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Tips on Buying and Using Bicycle Bags


Some bicycle bags can be adjusted using expandable collars or compression straps. This enables the user to carry items of different sizes while making sure that the unused portion of the bicycle bag will not flap in the wind or the items inside shift when riding on rugged terrain.

Ease of Access

As said before, among the most accessible and easy to use bicycle bags are the handlebar bags. They provide better ease of access compared to seat bags and panniers, although they may have limited storage capacity. However, there are other considerations you need to make, such as the number of openings, flaps, or zippers, inside pockets for organizing items, or does it only has an undivided large space.

Water Resistant or Waterproof

If you are a true bike enthusiast who does not care what the weather is, you may want to go for a waterproof bicycle bag. Waterproof and water-resistant bags are two different things because waterproof bags are usually made out of heavy-duty rubberized material to make sure the contents inside remain dry even in a heavy downpour.

Attachment Options

This factor is essential because if you are parking in public areas and you often leave your bike for more than a minute, you naturally would want to take the bag with you. Fixed baskets may not be a good idea but instead, going for panniers is the best option. If you want a bicycle seat bag, look for a model that has an integrated quick release mounting bracket instead of hook and loop straps or buckles.

Check Out my List of Bicycle Bags

There are different types of bicycle bags, and each has its purpose and function. When choosing a bicycle bag, make sure that it is in line with your requirement and the purpose of why you need one.

Bicycle Handlebar Bag - As the name suggests, this type of bicycle bag is attached to your handlebars using clamps or heavy duty straps. The main advantage of this bag is that it provides easy access usually have more room compared to a bicycle seat bag. However, you need to make sure that it will not affect your driving control and stability as well as your capacity to brake or shift.

Bicycle Panniers - The term panniers is derived from the French word for baskets. Bike commuters as well as other cyclists usually prefer these rear bags to carry their cycling gear and other things. Bicycle panniers provide spacious storage, weather protection and the capacity to rapidly disconnect from the bicycle rack so the cyclist can take the gear with him. This type of bicycle bag requires a rack and depending on the type of bicycle rack installed, it can be attached using the rack’s spring loaded clips, hooks or even bungee cords.

Bicycle Saddle Bags - Also called a seat or underseat bag, bicycle saddle bags fit perfectly under the bicycle seat and more often than not, it is attached to the saddle’s rails. Majority of saddle bags for bicycles can store small items such as spare tube, a multi-tool, patch kit and tire levers, or an energy bar. Bigger saddle bags can hold a few extra things that are essential to the rider.

Cycling Backpack - Cycling backpacks come in different models. Some are designed to carry the essentials while others have integrated hydration pack with few extra pockets. If you are planning to go for a hike with your bicycle, cycling backpacks are recommended because you can easily bring it with you on the trail.

Where to Buy Bicycle Bags?

If you are interested in buying bicycle bags bicycle saddle bags, bicycle handlebar bags, bicycle panniers and cycling backpacks you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Buying Bicycle Bags Online

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Final WordAbout Bicycle Bags

Bicycle bags are among the biker’s essentials. There are pros and cons when buying a bicycle bag as well as do’s and don’ts to consider. Load balancing is important apart from all the factors stated above and most of all, make sure that the bicycle bag you choose will serve its purpose based on your specific requirement.

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