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Bicycle Baskets
Bicycle Baskets
Bicycle Baskets

Find front and rear bicycle baskets Online

When you’re on your bike, it seems like there’s always something you need to carry with you. This is mainly true if you are riding a city bicycle, commuting by bicycle or if you are on a bicycle tour. If I have to carry extra items that doesn’t fit into my cycling backpack when I am riding my cross country mountain bikes, I am using my good old bicycle rear rack.

Tip: A bicycle basket is great for bicycle commuters.

If you primarily commute by bicycle, you'll find that a bicycle comes in really handy. Doing your grocery shopping? Pop your groceries into the basket when you're done.

Think it might rain on your way to work? Just put an umbrella and a poncho in the basket. The convenience a basket brings is well worth the small investment!

Uses of Bicycle Baskets

When considering the suitability of fitting bicycle baskets on your city bicycle, it is important to first take time to understand the various uses of bicycle baskets.

Bicycle baskets are usually fitted on city bicycles to ferry around wares from shopping trips or anything else carried during regular commuting. Specially designed bicycle baskets are used to carry pets while cycling around parks enjoying the local scenery.

For cyclists who take regular long trips on their bicycles, the baskets can be sued to hold supplies such as water bottles, snacks, and picnic baskets as well. With the above in mind it is important to note that bicycle panniers and bicycle saddle bags are not designed to carry such types of goods. This creates a vital need for bicycle baskets.

Types of Bicycle Baskets

Metal Bicycle Baskets

Bicycle Baskets

These are made of metal based materials such as wire mesh and tubular metal. Metal baskets tend to be very strong and durable. They can last for years with a lot of use and abuse. They can also be colored any way to blend in with the bicycle design.

Wicker Bicycle Baskets

Bicycle Baskets

These are traditional bicycle baskets which are quite strong and durable even though they are made out of natural materials. They are quite capable as well when it comes to holding heavy loads, but care should be taken to avoid overloading them.

Wooden Baskets

Bicycle Baskets

Another attractive design when it comes to bicycle baskets is the wooden variety. These are also made using natural materials i.e. wood. They can either bear a flat design or a birdcage design depending on their construction. They can carry heavy loads and also durable.


Bicycle Baskets

These are the cheapest variety when it comes to bicycle baskets. They are made of a plastic mesh and come with the advantage of being easy to clean and maintain. They are however less durable as compared to the above mentioned materials.

Fabric Bike Baskets

Bicycle Baskets

These bike baskets are usually made of canvas for durability and strength purposes. Fabric baskets can be waterproof when waxed to keep the contents dry and protected from rainfall. An internal wire mesh is use to give the basket shape and strength.

Tip: Use the rear basket to carry heavy and tall loads

Bicycle Baskets

The front basket should only be used to carry light loads to avoid any imbalance. The rear basket should be used to carry heavy and tall loads as it can support the weight and will not block the rider’s sight.

Sample Front Baskets

No "Front+Basket" (All condition) found on eBay(US)

Sample Bicycle Rear Baskets

No "Rear+Basket" (All condition) found on eBay(US)

Selected Wicker Baskets

No "Wicker+Basket" (All condition) found on eBay(US)

More e-Stores Where You Can Buy Bicycle Baskets?

If you are interested in buying bicycle baskets you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

One Last Consideration

Baskets are not designed for bicycling tours: they are meant to be used on short rides If you are planning on carrying only a few items with you, a wicker basket on the front of your bike might be the most stylish and practicable. However, I think that for heavier items a wire rear bicycle basket would be the best for your needs. Regardless of which of the baskets you choose, picking one with straps that allow the basket to be easily removed would be a wise choice. This way if you leave your bike outside, you can protect your basket from theft and nasty weather by keeping it inside.

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