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Bicycle Bells
Bicycle Bells
Bicycle Bells

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Bicycle bells, like any other bicycle safety equipment can help you keep yourself safe whenever you are riding a bike. You can get bells for your bicycle in a lot of designs. There are bells made from different types of metals and you can get the one that you like. There are even electric bells that play songs instead of the typical ‘trin trin’ sound. There are traditional looking metal bells, and then there are bells with various designs. My kids’ bicycles have a frog bike bell, as well as an alarm horn. There are bells made of attractive alloys as well. And then there are bells that have “I love my bike” written on them! Those ones are my favorite.

What is a Bicycle Bell?

Bicycle bells have come a long way from the traditional bells that produce the all so familiar “ring-ring” sound when called into action. Electric bells however come with a variety of ringing sounds and even songs if you wish. Modern versions of the bicycle bell now rely on a flick to bend the plastic lever which then springs back and strikes the bell when released to produce a simple ring sound.

What is a Bicycle Horn?

These on the other hand tend to be much louder and powerful as compared to bells with some going as loud as 120 decibels. Horns are normally powered by air pumps or pressurized air cans making them very powerful.

The use of bicycle horns is limited to noisy and busy places as they can be startling and most people are not fans of the excessive noise. For those with these horns fitted on their bikes, it is best to use them sparingly. However, they come with the advantage of being loud and clear in all situations.

Now that you have a clear understanding of bicycle horns and bells, it is important to have an idea of where to use them. Bells should be used around quieter areas to avoid startling pedestrians and other road users. The simple but clear ring from such bells is usually found to be polite by most road users.

With the variety of electric bells and horns designed to make a variety of rings, it is best to stick with the popularly known sounds and rings to avoid confusing road users.

Bicycle Bells or Bicycle Horns: Which one Should You Get?

The use of bicycle bells and horns is mandatory in some countries and localities due to the vital nature of their function. As such, their use is a matter of compliance with the law while in some countries is deemed to be a considerate act. The rule of thumb here is to use bells around quiet trails and horns sparingly around louder areas.

Types of Bicycle Bells

Old School Bicycle Bells

Bicycle Bells

Today there are many types of bicycle bells and horns to choose from based on design and mode of operation. You will find manual bells and horns as well as electric ones. Most now come in various designs and colors. You can make your pick depending on your preference.

Modern/Latest Bicycle Bells and Horns

Bicycle Bells

With the changing needs of cyclists today, there is a need to have loud bike horns that can be heard easily in traffic. A visit to your local bike store is bound to reveal a wide variety depending on your needs.

For instance, the air Zound horn is touted as the loudest bike horn letting out up to 115 decibels of sound when triggered. It is however important to note that the loudness can be varied using the controls. The mega horn, on the other hand, is quite loud but is lower in terms of the level of loudness when compared to the air Zound. There is also an electric multi signal horn which works on a 9V battery. This horn lets you pick out a loud alarm of your choice ranging from an emergency siren to a loud but friendly signal.

Tip: Always signal other road uses to avoid accidents

Bicycle Bells

Cyclists can find themselves in court sued for personal injury by other road users. In most cases cyclists who collide with others and cause injury or substantial damage can be sued for personal damages.

To avoid such situations, it is important to be cautious and always use a bicycle bell or horn to alert other road users of your presence. This is especially the case when it comes to riding in crowded city streets.

What Does the Law say about Bicycle Bells and Bicycle Horns?

As previously stated bicycle bells are not your normal bicycle accessories but are required by law in a variety of countries around the world. In Canada, it is mandatory to have a bell or horn on each bicycle, failure to which the rider is liable to pay a fine. In the UK, bicycles displayed for sale in stores must be fitted with a bell as per the law. Although this is not stated for bicycles on the road, the law compels cyclists to be considerate and always alert other road users of their presence and approach.

Is there a Need for Bicycle Bells and Horns?

Bicycle bells and bicycle horns can help you avoid accidents by letting other pedestrians and road users know you are there. This is over and above the fact that they are required by law in many jurisdictions. As cycling witnesses, a rebirth in more and more cities around the world the bicycle bell is also making a comeback as a necessary addition.

Always be Vigilant While Riding on Streets Filled with Pedestrians

Being vigilant and following bicycle safety tips is the only way to minimize the chances of getting into a cycling accident. Pedestrians normally don’t pay attention to other road users especially when it comes to cyclists. They normally listen out for cars but not bicycles. This is more so today, where most people have their faces glued to their smartphones every minute of the day.

Make sure they hear you

Cycling exposes the rider and other road users to a rapidly moving means of carriage that should be considered dangerous. All concerned needs to exercise due caution to ensure that their activities do not lead to accidents. Bicycle bells are very familiar to pedestrians and a ring or two in a quiet street or path should be enough to alert other road users of your presence. On the other hand, riding in noisy city streets requires the use of loud horns to get motorists to detect your presence. This is the main point of choosing a bicycle bell or bicycle horn.

Where to Buy Bicycle Bells and Horns?

If you are interested in buying bicycle bells and horns you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Bells and Horns
Bicycle Bells and Horns
Bicycle Bells and Horns

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