Bicycle Car Racks

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Bicycle car racks are great utilities that many bike riders would often plan to buy at a point in their lives. This is because having an individual car bicycle rack makes it more convenient to transport anyone's bicycle from one place to another.

Before you decide to buy bicycle car racks, make sure you keep these points in mind:

Did you know...?

Bicycle Car Racks

Did you know that a roof-mounted bicycle rack causes minimal interference with your driving?

Although a roof-mounted bike rack is frequently pricey and difficult to install without professional help, it is immensely convenient once it has been properly installed. It won't ever obstruct your vision while you're driving and does not interfere with easy trunk and backseat access. In fact, you'll barely notice it's there!


  • Number of bikes that you want to transport at a time
  • The kind of car you have
  • Amount of money that you can spend
  • Degree of security that you want for your bikes
  • The height to which you can lift your bike
  • Availability of a towing hitch

Advantages of Bicycle Car Racks

The biggest advantage of using bicycle car racks is for parking. It helps secure the bike wherever you need to go. In addition to this, it also helps you explore the places that most cars can't reach.

However, it can be hard to choose specific automobile bicycle racks because there are many models that are available in the market. Here are some common types of bike racks.

Types of Bicycle Car Racks

There are many types of bicycle car racks, but there are basically 4 types of bicycle racks - truck bed racks, hitch carriers, trunk mount racks and roof racks. Here are the descriptions of these racks:

Truck Mount Automobile Bicycle Racks

Bicycle Car Racks

These car racks offer easy access to your bikes, and you can attach them to your car using straps. The usual capacity of these racks is 3 bikes. They can make things a bit difficult, for example, you wouldn't get into the trunk of the car easily. If you want the cheapest racks, then these would be the best choice.

Hitch Carriers

Bicycle Car Racks

These are also called hitch racks and they are attached to the hitch receiver. This would work only if your vehicle has got a hitch. This is certainly dependant on the vehicle. This kind of rack offers the benefit of off and on bicycle access. And they allow you to easily access the vehicle's rear. There are some hitch carriers that will allow you to carry 5 bikes at a time, but it depends upon the company. It might be called the best bicycle rack but I have seen that it is not as stable as other bicycle car racks.

Roof Racks

Bicycle Car Racks

Roof racks are probably the best since they allow you to carry not just bikes, but small boats, skis, and luggage as well. If you are carrying just bikes, you can take about 4 of them. With these bicycle car racks, it is easy to get into the trunk of the car. Though they do take more time to be fitted to your car, but they have many great benefits too.

Truck Bed Racks

Bicycle Car Racks

This bicycle car rack is fixed to the truck bed. It is highly secure and you can carry about 4 bicycles at a time. But the problem is that it takes up space in truck bed. This is especially good if you want to tow something.

The Best Outomobile Bicycle Racks - Comparison

It all depends upon your requirements and your budget. The two main companies are Thule and Saris. You can try your options for these companies. If you want to buy a bicycle rack, then you must consider one of their products.

Apart from these companies, there are Swagman, Allen and Yakima.

Where to Buy Bicycle Car Racks?

If you are interested in buying bicycle car rack you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

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