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Bicycle Cargo Trailer
Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Find a bicycle cargo trailer Online

Bicycle cargo trailers are ideal for carrying loads that you would rather not tilt or lean along with the rest of the bicycle frame.

Well designed trailers are also less likely to have an effect on your riding balance and are very stable when bearing the weight of your cargo.

When you are up on your seat pedaling through an uphill climb while standing, and your physique shifts your bicycle sideways for optimum power, in the process, you are also rocking your cargo trailer together with all your packages laterally. If the bicycle cargo trailer is well designed, you will hardly notice it.

General Information

Features vary widely among bicycle cargo trailers, beginning from its actual size to how they actually carry the load. Some models contain a loading bed that is suspended in between the wheel and the cargo trailer fork. Because of its versatility, you can easily convert it from touring mode to shopping mode. Some models on the other hand are designed to panniers set just like what a rear cargo rack would. But this is not as versatile because its design is only limited for specific types of loads.

Buying A Bicycle Cargo Trailer


Most bicycle cargo trailers have a mounting system that can be attached on the bike’s rear axle. This type of design makes the bike’s extension more rotationally coupled and instead of becoming an additional attachment, the cargo trailer is as if part of the bike itself. On the other hand, there are cargo trailers that can be mounted on the seat post but this limits the trailer’s rotation and will be a control hazard for the bike.


When choosing a bicycle cargo trailer, you need to check the attachment system because it will affect the bike’s maneuverability and overall control. A bicycle cargo trailer with a mounting system that can be attached on the bike’s rear axle is the most recommended.


The size of the Bicycle cargo trailer will depend on the purpose you have in mind. For camping and outdoor activity, a longer cargo trailer is required particularly if you plan on bringing a kennel.


High end bicycle cargo trailers (like the BOB Ibex) often have shock absorbers. With a better suspension system, it means that you can ride on a rough terrain without your cargo trailer shaking wildly behind. The vibration coming from the cargo trailer will also be lessened which will make your ride more comfortable.

Loading System

Bicycle cargo trailers with flatbeds enable you to directly load your cargo although you may need to strap it down it keep it from falling. It is advised to use a duffel bag for storing the cargo you are planning to bring to keep it intact and water sealed.

Suggested Bicycle Cargo Trailers

Allen Sports Explorer Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Bicycle Cargo Trailer

The new Allen Sports Explorer Bicycle Cargo Trailer can be easily converted into a handy pull cart from lightweight bicycle cargo trailer. This convertible cargo trailer features a closed top design to protect and secure your cargos making it an excellent bicycle attachment when shopping with your bike.

This bicycle cargo trailer is built using heavy duty, industrial grade steel frame with a maximum load capacity of up to 70 lbs. And with its quick release hitch, you can easily attach or remove it from your bike.

Veelar Foldable Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Foldable and easy to assemble, the Veelar Foldable Bicycle Cargo Trailer is made from powder coated, heavy duty steel frame. It can be assembled and attached to your bike with ease and can be folded flat for easy transportation and storage.

The Veelar Bicycle Cargo Trailer uses universal bicycle hitch that can be fitted and attached on the rear axle and almost all types of bicycles. Its maximum load capacity is 90 lbs. and the overall dimensions of its loading area are 27″x18.5″x10.5″.

Burley Design Nomad Cargo Rack

Bicycle Cargo Trailer

The Burley Design Nomad Bike Trailer features a heavy duty forged rear axle hitch with a 100 lbs./ 105 liters maximum load capacity.

Its key features include heavy duty waterproof cover and two 16-inch quick release allow wheel design for added stability and improved maneuverability. It has interior pockets and removable space dividers with integrated tie – downs to safely secure your gears and loads. It can be easily folded and disassembled for easy transport and compact storage.

Burley Design Travoy Bike Commuter Trailer

Bicycle Cargo Trailer

The Burley Design Travoy Bike Commuter trailer is a lightweight bike trailer that uses easy to connect seat post hitch. This can carry up to 60 lbs. of load with 45 degrees angle stance to evenly distribute the weight and not hamper the bike’s maneuverability.

This product comes complete with tie – down straps, cargo bag and bicycle seat post hitch. With its innovative design, you can easily fold it down into a compact sized tote bag or convert it to a rolling cart.

BOB Ibex Plus Suspension Trailer

Bicycle Cargo Trailer

The new BOB IBEX bicycle cargo trailer has a variable suspension, shock absorber system that provides a better riding experience even on off road terrain.

With its adjustable coil spring shock absorber, it can be adjusted to complement with loads that range from 15lbs. to 70lbs. It features chromoly steel tube framing with engineered gussets and raised pivoting swing arm that significantly improves the ground clearance and the trailer’s roll over.

BOB Yak Plus Trailer

Bicycle Cargo Trailer

The design of BOB Yak allows bikers to easily attach the single wheel cargo trailer to any type of bikes regardless of its rear wheel. Its in-line design provides a much lower center of gravity with all around stability and wonderful aerodynamics.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Cargo Trailer?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle cargo trailer you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:

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