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Bicycle Child Trailer
Bicycle Child Trailer

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As a parent who loves cycling, it is only natural to want to enjoy the great outdoors with your children. The best way to do this is by installing a bicycle child trailer that will provide additional seating capacity for your child. It is safe to assume that all child trailers on the market today can provide reasonable protection and safety features. That is why the choices you will make when planning to buy will depend on how you are planning to use it.

General Information

Bicycle child trailers are perfect for parents with a child whose age is between four and five. Even younger ones can benefit from this wonderful contraption as long as they can sit on their won and hold on to the trailer. If you love exploring new areas while riding your bicycle with a child, it is a lot safer to have a child trailer than have your kid sit on the front of your bike.

Buying A Bicycle Child Trailer

Trailer Size

Apart from basically hauling one or two kids, the kid’s size and age should be a deciding factor when buying a bicycle child trailer. More often than not, high end and more expensive child trailers have are more spacious compared to its low-end counterpart.


This goes without saying that when choosing a bicycle trailer, its materials and design should be weatherproof. Although it is important to keep your child well ventilated during summer runs, it is also equally important to keep him or her dry and warm during the wet or snowy season.


Most bicycle child trailer provides ample storage option but the actual amount of storage, as well as its accessibility, is deciding factor. Regrettably, only a handful of manufacturers offer the exact dimensions of the available storage space which makes it a bit hard to determine the size available.


Although most bicycle child trailers are foldable for easy storage, there are models that much easier and faster to fold down and also much smaller than other models when folded. If you have a trunk has limited space, it is important to check first the dimensions of the trailer when folded to make sure it will fit in nicely.

Suggested Bicycle Child Trailers

Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer

Bicycle Child Trailer

The best in versatility and adaptability, this premium bicycle child trailer presents the best value for the money for an energetic parent. The child trailer can be transformed from a towable bike child trailer to a handy stroller in no time. This is a foldable trailer with quick release wheels using 20 inches air tires fitted on aluminum rims for better performance and style.

This model also comes with a two in one canopy with integrated weather shield and bug screen. Its couple can be easily attached to any bike and comes with a full stroller kit and swivel front wheel.

InStep Rocket II Bicycle Trailer

Bicycle Child Trailer

Unlike other InSTEP bike child trailers, the new Rocket Double Trailer is built with a lightweight but heavy duty aluminum frame with 20” wheels for better handling no matter what the terrain is.

This model also comes with a stroller kit so you can easily convert it to a stroller when not used as a bicycle trailer. For additional comfort when pushing this light and portable double trailer, this model has built-in a rubberized handle bar for better and a non-slip grip.

Double Swivel Red/Black 3in1 Bicycle Trailer

Bicycle Child Trailer

The Double Swivel 3 in 1 Bicycle Child Trailer can be used as carrier, jogger and baby stroller. This can accommodate up to two passengers and can be easily converted to a stroller even without stroller kit like other models.

Apart from its bigger twenty inch wheels, this is also built with full suspension system making the ride across uneven terrain a more comfortable ride for the children. Its universal coupler can be attached to any bike models. This also has a park brake system to stop it on a slope.

Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer

Bicycle Child Trailer

This bicycle child trailer is designed with lighter but heavy duty 20 inches alloy rims fitted with air tires for better riding performance and style. For improved transparency, the Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer is fitted with larger window and netted surface area. It has a universal coupler that can be attached to any bike models.

Allen Sports Premier 1-Child Jogger/Bike Trailer

Bicycle Child Trailer

The new Allen SST1 2 in 1 Child Jogger and Bike Child Trailer provides the perfect product for an outgoing parent. This can be easily set up with integrated 12 inch wheel jogger on the front and 16 inches rear wheels.

When on jogger mode, its design provides a lower and easily controllable rolling resistance. This jogger, bicycle child trailer also features a foot bar with 3-season rain and bug shield that can be easily removed and re-attached.

Bicycle Trailers
Share the joy of cycling with your child with bicycle trailers

Where to Buy a Bicycle Child Trailer?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle child trailer you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:

Buying a Bicycle Child Trailer on eBay

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Last Word About Bicycle Child Trailer

Enjoying the great outdoors with your little kid while biking is priceless. That is why a good bicycle child trailer can help make it a comfortable and memorable ride as long as you can choose the perfect product.

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