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Cycling in the Technological Era means you can now obtain as much ride data as you want in a much easier and convenient way than ever before. Although there is an increasing popularity in the use of smartphones to accumulate ride data, dedicated bicycle computers designed for bike riding purposes will not only provide accurate data but it will make better sense for any cycling enthusiasts.

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Cycling Computers
Cycling Computers
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General Information

When choosing between different types of bicycle computers, you need to first determine the type of information or data that you want and how you are planning to use it. The second thing to consider is the amount of money you are willing to spend and lastly, what other features or functionality is important for you. Do you need a device with a computer or network connectivity or a basic bicycle computer will do? Are you looking for a bicycle computer with multi-bike options? All these little considerations will help you find the best and most suitable bicycle computer according to your needs.

Factors To Consider When Buying Bicycle Computers

Sensor Type

Bicycle computers use different types of sensors. Some models use the magnetic system while other more expensive, high-end models have built-in GPS.

When the sensor is magnetic, it means that a magnet is connected to the spokes of the wheel rotating in front of a sensor that is also attached to the bicycle’s front fork. Its advantage is longer battery life but then again, it has no GPS functionality.

When the sensor type is GPS, it means that the device connects to a satellite receiver that converts the GPS signals into readable ride data. This is a lot better because it offers more data options that users can transfer to a PC and can be used with different bikes. The downside is that it is a lot more expensive compared to bicycle computers with magnetic sensor and the battery life is also a lot shorter.

Wired or Wireless Data Transmission

Bicycle computers that use a magnetic sensor system are naturally wired so it can transmit the signal on the display unit. The problem with this is not you cannot swap on another bike without uninstalling the entire bicycle computer assembly. Although this is a lot cheaper and easy to use, there is always the risk of the wire getting caught and ripped out especially on forested and rugged terrain.

Wireless data transmission system like what is found on bicycle computers with GPS sensors are easier to install and there is no risk of the wire getting tangled on the undergrowth or the bike itself. However, not only are these models more expensive particular those with built-in GPS but it also a bit heavier.

Monitor Backlight

When you are riding in the dark, an illuminated bicycle computer display is a big advantage especially during tours on the country side. It helps make your computer display readable so you can easily understand the data even on the dark.

Battery Lifespan

If you love to bike for longer hours and longer distances, it is important to make sure the battery life of your bicycle computer will match the distance you cover to and fro. Bicycle computers with GPS usually have an integrated rechargeable battery that can power the device for up to twenty hours. Magnetic units usually only use a single or two ordinary watch batteries or button cells and although these are not rechargeable, button cells can last for months depending on how frequent you use your unit.

Built-in Multiple Data Screens

Some manual models often restrict ride data on a single screen while other models allow users to access several screens either by scrolling down or clicking on another tab particularly those with touch screens. Also, the screen options can either be customizable or fixed.

Data Transfer

Most bicycle computers with GPS system can have its data transferred to a computer or integrated with a training program software.

Screen Data Readability

When riding, it can’t be helped to look on the computer screen if you have a bicycle computer installed on your bike. For this, it is worth noting that magnetic bicycle computers often use fixed font size while models with GPS usually have preprogrammed option to change the size of the font.

Weather Resistant

Another consideration to make is whether you need the bicycle computer to be able to sustain different types of weather. If you often ride on the rain, weather-resistant and waterproof bicycle computer is a must. However, there are models that although not waterproof, can still withstand drizzles.

Check Out This List Of Bicycle Computers

Bicycle Speedometers - A bike’s odometer can provide a cyclist precious ride data that he or she can utilize to see monitor and evaluate of how many miles or kilometers have been traveled. It also helps a cyclist find whether his or her performance is improving or they are becoming a faster rider.

Biking GPS - GPS is an integral part of a cyclist’s essentials. The latest innovation in cycling GPS has raised cycling to a whole new level.

Power Meter - Cycling power meters are designed to help cyclists push their limits by analyzing the rider’s power output during a ride as well as keep track of the cyclist’s performance. Depending on the type of power meter being used, its sensors are usually mounted and installed on different parts of the bicycle.

Where to Buy Bicycle Computers?

If you are interested in buying bicycle computers such as Bicycle Speedometers, Biking GPSes and Power Meters you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Buying Bicycle Computers Online

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Final Word On Bicycle Computers

Bear in mind all these factors when choosing a reliable bicycle computer to simplify your options in the market. Your budget will largely affect your decision to stick to what is only important.

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