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Bicycle Dog Trailer
Bicycle Dog Trailer

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Obtaining high quality and equally sturdy bicycle dog trailer is important not only for your pet but for you as well if you love taking your dog for a ride. Taking your dog wherever you go on the bike can be a bit difficult and dangerous if you don’t have a bicycle dog trailer. This is essential if you don’t want your pet running around the park or on the side of the road when biking especially if you do not want to use pet harnesses or belts.

General Information

Most bicycle dog trailers usually share a few common features. Bicycle dog trailers today have snap-on wheels that can be easily removed or installed. This is a great feature to consider especially if your living space is limited. Also, the majority of new models use a zippered polyester cover with D-rings or other similar contraptions for strapping your pet in. You can also connect the bicycle trailer to your bike’s axel using the integrated quick release hitch.

Buying A Bicycle Dog Trailer


Bicycle dog trailers are designed to be easily attached to your bike using an integrated hitching mechanism or a rear rack. Depending on the model, some dog trailers come with a tow bar arm that can be easily attached or removed without requiring special tools. No matter what the model is, this goes without saying that the bicycle dog trailer must have a handy attachment system.


You have to remember that when you attach a dog trailer to your bike, you will be adding some weight from the rear which may have some impact on your bike control. Because of the weight of the dog trailer, it can push or pull the towing bike. If the attachment system is not at par, the problem of managing your bike’s driving control can be exaggerated.


When choosing a bicycle dog trailer, you need to consider the size of the product you are planning to purchase. If you have a big dog, obviously you need a bigger dog trailer. You also need to consider the number of passengers it can carry to make sure it can accommodate all your pets if you have more than one dog to bring.


High-end bicycle dog trailers often have built-in storage pouches or small pockets where you can put your dog’s knickknacks while traveling. Although it will be quite hard to find a model where exact specifications of the storage pouches are offered, it may be easy to assume that this can hold the basic goodies and accessories usually brought on a ride.


Needless to say, a weatherproof canvas cover for your bicycle dog trailer will be a good idea. You’ll never know when a sunny day will suddenly become a rainy one. It will help keep your pet warm and dry even if it drizzles while you are outside.

Suggested Bicycle Dog Trailers

DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

Bicycle Dog Trailer

Compact, stylish, functional and extremely versatile all summarize this sturdy bicycle dog trailer. The DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer offers a cool design and has heavy duty UV proof mesh front and side sections built with a front wind and rain screen to help shield your dog from the elements and bugs.

Doggyhut Dog Bicycle Carrier

Bicycle Dog Trailer

Designed for bigger pets, the DoggyHut Bicycle Dog trailer is built with waterproof, 600D polyester panel fitted on powder coated, heavy duty steel frame with anti-slip leather floorboard. It has a zippered rear door so your dog can enter easily and can be assembled without using special tools. This is also foldable and the wheels are removable for easy transportation and storage.

Doggyhut Pet Bike Trailer

Bicycle Dog Trailer

Available in light blue color, the Doggyhut Bicycle Dog Trailer provides a versatile solution for bringing your pet along for a bike ride. Its bigger size means it can accommodate one large dog or two small to medium size pooches.

Croozer Dog Bicycle Trailer

Bicycle Dog Trailer

The Croozer Designs bicycle dog trailer frame is made up of a solitary cockpit portion made up of durable aluminum tubing intertwined throughout the weather-resistant side panels. This in turn is attached to a strong plastic floor to make sure your dog will not go through the flooring. The lengthwise tube frame sections, along with the attached side walls, can be folded up and down right from the floor section.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Dog Trailer?

If you are interested in buying bicycle dog trailer you can buy it in one of these trusted online stores:

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