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A bicycle handlebar bag is simply a bag to store your goods. Bicycle handle bags come in different sizes and are attached to your handlebars, so you can access things quickly and easily while you are out on the road. They come in various sizes. Some of them have one main pocket; some of them have two, three, or even four pockets. There are various other features that each different handlebar bag has.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Handlebar Bag

Did you know that some handlebar bags come with flaps that are automatically closed by air resistance?

This means as long as you're pedaling, the bag will stay closed. You don't have to worry about your belongings falling out, meaning you can squeeze extra stuff into your bag with full peace of mind.

  • Map pocket - Some bicycle handlebar bags have an extra pocket at the top of them, to store your cycling map.
  • GPS mount - Some has a GPS mount at the top of the bag, so you can attaché your GPS device to the handlebar bag, instead attaching it to the handlebar itself.
  • Quick dismount - Some have a quick mount to allow you to quick remove your handlebar bag from the bike. The smaller ones are attached with a Velcro, and the heavy ones have bracket.
  • Shoulder strap - Many handlebar bags come with a shoulder strap. This is extremely convenient if you need to take the bag with you when you are out off your bike.
  • Rain protection - Some bicycle handlebar bags are waterproof. Once it will save your video or still camera from the rain, you will understand how valuable it is.

Who Need a Bicycle Handlebar Bag?

If your riding style is freeride biking or down hill biking than probably your storage needs are quite limited, but if your hobby is bicycle touring or you are commuting by bicycle you may need to fine storage solution for your cycling equipment and for your accessories.

For my own pure storage purposes, I prefer to use my good old cycling backpack, or even a bicycle saddle bags. The chance that you will see mountain bikes with a handlebar bag attached in front of them is slim. Most mountain or road racing bikers likes to keep their bicycle handlebars free of any foreign objects, including bicycle baskets and bicycle bells.

It is all different if you are up to one of your bicycling tours, where storage is the name of the game (visit my page about bicycle touring preparation). In that case every storage space counts, and using a good, comfortable handlebar bag is almost essential. The best thing with handlebar bags is that you do not have to pull things from your panniers to get your stuff out. If you are carrying a trailer you even have to completely get off your bike to get things out of your bag.

During long bicycle touring trips you will probably like to have your most used stuff handy. If you are planning to be on the road for more than two, three days, the need to stop and to get your stuff of your bicycle panniers can become a burden over time.

My 2'nd hobby is taking video movies while riding, and so I have to have my video camera handy for me at all times. In addition, when I leave my touring bikes, lock them and go somewhere, I can use the quick dismount feature and carry with me my handlebar bag, including all of my valuable items, such as my video camera, my personal documents and money. If you would like to watch my cycling movies you can visit this link.

What Can I Store in My Handlebar Bag?

The typical items you can store in your bicycle handlebar bag are those that need quick access. For me three main things are falling under this category:

The first and most important item is my video camera. I like to take video shots while riding, and I need my video camera to be handy. If I have to twist around, dig in my pannier trying to get my video camera, the moment to take the shot is gone!

The second item is similar to the first item, and it is my still camera. When I am on the bike I often tend to stop to see something that I want to take a photo of. Without storing my still camera in my bicycle handlebar bag I may miss a lot of great photo opportunities, and it is unfortunate.

The third main thing that I need quick access to while riding is my cycling map. If the map is stuffed in my bicycle panniers, or my bicycle trailer and not in front of me, then during every single time I need to check the map I will have to stop, get the map out, look at it and scrunch it back in. There are two disadvantages to this: one is just the physical act of stopping and pull the map from the back. The second disadvantage is that the map will probably fall apart very quickly! So, if you are looking for a bicycle handlebar bag you should consider one that is big enough to hold your cameras and that has a map case build into it. Here are some additional cycling equipment and accessories that you can store in your handlebar bag:

Handlebar Bags Downsides

Nothing is perfect! Just like anything else, also bicycle handlebar bags have downsides.

  1. Handlebar bag, if not mounted correctly, might restrict your handlebar movement. You need that freedom to rotate your handlebars to the gimbals.
  2. Weight and balance: Too much weight on your front wheel may impact the way the bike handles. It is especially important in rough trails or when biking on wet surfaces.

What to Consider when Shopping for a Handlebar Bag?

Not all handlebar bags are the same. And it is important to remember that to get the right one for your needs requires taking time to ponder on some vital considerations.


It is important to consider how well the chosen handlebar bag will fit your bike. Here it is necessary to mention that different bicycles come with different handlebar styles/designs. Choosing a handlebar bag that does not suit your bike’s design means that you will have problems mounting it on the bike.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Handlebar Bag

Did you know that handlebar bags can interfere with the bike cables?

When buying a bicycle handlebar bag, remember to look for one that fits easily without interfering with the bicycle cables. This is important because any interference can cause bicycle brakes to malfunction and endanger the rider as well as other road users.


Most handlebar bags act as portable bags for cyclists who use them to store things they need quick access to. This calls for easy detachability especially knowing that your hands will be cold and tired after cycling. However, the bag should also hold on to the handlebar steadily during riding.


The only reason people buy handlebar bags is to get a storage space that is easy to access. This means the bag should be easy to open and close with one hand as you continue cycling, and should have pockets facing the rider as well.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Handlebars Bag?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle handlebars bag you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:

Find a Bicycle Handlebar Bag on eBay.com

No "Handlebar Bag" (All condition) found on eBay(US)


To summarize my view on bicycle handlebar bags, I can say two things:

  1. There is no real need for it on a casual, day to day bicycle riding.
  2. On a touring trip, having a bicycle handlebar bag is a quick and simple way to increase the storage capacity. If you need a quick access to something like a cell phone, camera or a map then a bicycle handlebar bag would make a great choice.

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